The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Short fabric piece? Hooping will slip!! And a Freebie for placing on a gift!

Sometimes you need to embroider something that won't fit accurately in a hoop. For instance, you want to hoop a stretch of ribbon or a small pocket. This will happen to you sooner or later - it always does!!

There are a couple of ways to work around this issue. (Remember that the green information is specifically ideas or methods in embroidery.)

  1. Using an adhesive stabilizer, remove the protective backing for at least half of the missing distance. i.e., If it is short 3" (75mm). Attach the adhesive area to the back of the fabric piece. Use the remainder to place in the hoop to make the correction taut. 
  2. If you don't have an adhesive stabilizer, you can use a spray-on type of temporary adhesive. You will be delighted with the options for this type of glue such as placing items on fabric or wall and being able to change the layout.
  3. Use a piece of plain stabilizer and hand baste it to your fabric. Basting allows for a lot of stabilization. You can also straight pin them together. However, this can cause issues for the design stitches and a bit of movement, but it can be done.
I had a difficult time deciding on how to handle this Freebie. I settled on two different methods. The first is a template for placing your words inside the perimeter. The second includes the words "Happy Birthday". 

There are a large number of jump stitches. Personally, I won't cut them, I will make those jumps a part of the design.  

Thanks for always being here for me. See you next time. Have a great summer!! 
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