The Avid Embroiderer Presents - A Background can be the star - & A Freebie with a great idea!

Note: The green wording is for specific instructions. 
Sometimes the embroidery is the star, and sometimes it could be the background.

This vignette is made up of 3 colors, it was what I have on hand, and not necessarily good choices. The top is the sky, the middle is water, and the bottom represents sand. 

Tips: deciding on colors needs to be done with the end in mind. For instance, placing lettering on a light color and then a dark color causes issues for the color choice of the words. I had to change the letter color multiple times before it was legible. 
A better selection for the sky would have been a baby blue with possibly some white dots or lines as hints of clouds.
The selection for the water is very dark, a medium blue would have gone well with baby blue. Likewise, some denim could work well. For the appearance of waves, AFTER (ok, I didn't wait, and I made a mess!) the embroidery is completed, make 3 to 5 horizontal slits and fray them us using a fork or your fingernails. It was very interesting on my original sample. But I made so many errors that I will not show the entire piece, it is not a pretty picture.
For the sand, I used plain yellow/beige.

 It's a great place to put some of those seashells the kids gathered from the beach.   

You do need to pay attention to the approximate sizes as shown above. You may prefer to have your fabric longer or wider, but one spot needs to be on target. That would be between the water & sand, for balance & because of the legibility of the words. 

Additionally, make sure not to fold the fabrics because that can/will interfere with any stitching. It is better to lay one fabric over the other and glue it down. The sand would be on top of the water & you can create the sand edge irregularly or have an appearance of a sandcastle. Cutting the sand edge can be creative! 

I hope you find this to be inspiring and fun! Thank you for your time, I know how precious it is! 

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