The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Knockdown that fabric. And a Freebie to use on your own designs.

Learning machine embroidery is a lengthy journey. Just when you think you have figured it out, new things appear. Knockdown is not new. It has been around forever. But it could be new to you.
If you have ever tried to sew on a towel, napped fabric like felt, you saw your finished product as very lovely. Then, along the way, it had to be washed. Good bye beautiful stitching. The more you wash the project, the less you can read/view the stitches.   

I created my sample in 3 different methods. Using a clock for identification, the noon to 6 pm is the knockdown in two layers. The lettering/design is more clear, and will hold that sharpness for the life of the project. I recommend changing your needle before the second layer, for ease of stitching.

From 6 pm to about 8 pm, I hand-trimmed away the nap but had difficulty making it even. Those highs/lows will interfere with the stitching with washes & time. It does not look good already, I did not do anything with it, just sew & go. I did not place water-soluble stabilizer on top. If the 'trimming" is already done, it not necessary.

The area for 8 pm to 12 was done with a single layer of knockdown. A lot was still sticking up waving in the breeze. The stitching was blurry and lacked definition.
So, depending on your fabric, you may want to decide which knockdown works best for your project. 

Note: In my Freebie, I placed two layers of smash in two colors. If you are happy with just one layer, you can skip the second layer and go on to the design/writing. 

You can also just use the smash and place your own design or wording on top of that. You have the option to create the smash down to match your fabric, or a different color to make it really stand out. 

Here is the square version of knockdowns. It too has two layers if you need both: 

Thank you for joining me today. I hope this knockdown is going to be a great enhancement for you. 

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