The Avid Embroiderer Presents - You don't know what you don't know. . . Your Freebie is flexible & very positive for anyone!

Last time, I did my blog around the 'tension issues' we all encounter. If you missed it, check it here: Download the zip file and check your tension every two months or so. Check the information on how to use this test. You will want to try different manufacturers, weights, & types such as cotton, polyester & rayon to mention a few. 

This time I am going to give you some of the tips that came with my Brother 800 machine. You may have a different machine, but some actions are the same. I am not entering any of my personal tips. The reason is that what works for me may or may not work for you. These are all directly from Brother, a trusted name in embroidery & sewing.

Your wording may vary, look for general terms that are similar. One place for getting similar wording is: 
When you got your original embroidery machine, chances are that, if you tried to read the "user's guide", it was all Greek to you. Then after working with your machine, you might be checking for specific information such as 'how to wind a bobbin.' 
Once you have been using your machine for a comfortable length of time for you, it is time to do more reading in that guide. Select the "Contents" section, at the beginning of your booklet. 
Chose a couple of the options, for instance, "Upper Threading" "Replacing the Needle," or "Editing Patterns."  Remember there is no single method for any task, but you want to be in the know. 
My Guide has Cautions, Notes, Steps, Memos, & lots of pictures. Those are important reading but generally don't fall into specific information. One that I noted was a brief discussion regarding the use of embroidery thread versus using standard threads. 
Next is the Trouble Shooting including the symptoms error messages, & solutions. Some of these items can be done by you but many of them need preventive maintenance with a  professional. Knowing the difference can/will save you money & time!

You also may have an Appendix which can include:
  • Tables, figures, charts, and diagrams — anything that supports the data you include in the main body of your work
  • Memos — personal or professional memorandum that support your content
  • Detailed technical specs — which may or may not interest your reader
Lastly is the Index. It is essentially a roadmap to the guide, listing names, places, and things in alphabetical order and giving the page numbers associated with each topic. 

When TV is boring (really boring) & you have some time, thumb through your User's Guide, it is full of great information. 

About 10 years ago, I wanted to have a single word to use that would be a positive, happy, inspiring word for my embroidery. I managed to use "Achieve" & "Home" but neither actually said what I actually wanted. Then, I had some plumbing problems, the plumber came and brought his daughter who is learning how to be a plumber. (Smart Dad!) The daughter's name is "Miracle." I was bowled over, that was the word I had been seeking for a long time.  For my Freebie, I could hardly wait to create something to go with that word. 

I hope you like my Freebie, The name is the last item in the design, so you can change the name/word by deleting that color and adding your own selection. 

I enjoy the creation of something unique and hopefully special. The "Miracle" design is just that, I do hope you like it. 

I do like to say thanks to my readers

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Thank you for the lovely design! How you came upon the special word is a great story, too. It’s been quite a while since I looked at my user manual — I will have to pull it out and give myself a little refresher.

Thank you Daisy, I appreciate your thoughtful words.

I felt the need to have something positive to consider so many times in our lives. Additionally, God/fate brought that word to me and I am using it more each day. I feel like it is a word that brings anyone's mind back to a safe place of comfort & warmth.

I love creating things, embroidery gives me that and so much more. People who are creative-minded are the best!

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