The Avid Embroiderer Presents 3D Gift Tag - create your own design!

For the holidays, I wanted to do something special. I think I found it!
I have created a set (yes multiple designs) of holiday items that you can make more of a 3D-style ornament. Or you might want to use it as a tag for a gift. 
I am excited to create them for you, (and I am using them too!). 

  • The first photo is each piece individually as standing alone. 
  • There are NOT FSL types of designs. 
  • You will want to do them on a heavier fabric such as canvas, denim, or something similar.
  • The loops for hanging are the final piece of the design, therefore, it can be stopped prior to the last color, then it would be more for use as a tag or wall hanging.

I put them together on the tree. You can make multiples of the presents, and place them on a cookie tray or around the house.  Cut each item from its fabric and it does not need to be terribly close. A small frame is just fine. Remember, these are not FSL. 

If you have a problem gift recipient for any occasion, this may just fit the bill! 
This is a complete set of sewing presser foot types. It includes a storage case, manual, DVD, and organized box for keeping these together and finding what you need.
Be careful, if you search for something similar, you may find that some sets are for specific machines and shank type. This says compatible with most machines. Almost everyone selling these have a guarantee. I did find some sets as low as $20, but those fell short of instructions & help. 
I don't get a commission. Madam Sew Presser Foot Set 32 Piece Set | The ONLY Sewing Machine Presser Foot Kit with Manual, DVD & Deluxe Storage Case | Numbered Slots for Organization | Compatible with Most Sewing Machines

Thank you all for joining me today. A busy time of the year, take a moment to relax and perhaps create it is good for your soul. 

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