The Avid Embroiderer Presents – Keeping Your Stabilizer Stable. The Freebie is for Feather Babies.

I have been a fan of Badgemaster for about 15 years. In fact, I have gone through 2 large packages. 

I have heard some embroiderers say that they experienced the drying of Badgemaster. One reason that would occur is that Badgemaster is a "professionally used" stabilizer. That is to say, it gets used quickly, there are usually no instructions because it is used professionally, & everything at a pro shop is done with absolute speed. Drying out is generally not an issue under these circumstances. I want to share my tips with you, & you might give it a try, it is an excellent tool for a more professional-looking project.

In no particular order, tips that you can use with any stabilizer that is water-soluble.

If the item can be washed, create as few wrinkles as possible. Lay it as flat as possible, therefore, you will have fewer wrinkles to iron out, I like that!

Use towels or paper towels to dry your item. Again, this limits the wrinkling. It saves your time!

This example shows when it's ready for dissolving, cutting away the stabilizer. This is when your item is washable. I always want to protect my project. 

If it is not washable, I carefully very lightly wet my finger to separate the stabilizer. Truly, the wet is more than licking your finger but short of having it dripping. 

In either case, I cut the unused edges and lightly wet my finger to put the leftovers together to whatever size I want. I don't use the 'scrap' for important projects. I use them for testing designs, aka "discovery sews."

You do "discovery sews" right? When you have something that is new for you or possibly difficult, it is necessary to find any issues before you put the thread to the project. This will ultimately save time & money!

My Freebie is again about those adorable, but a little pushy, pets we love. 

Thank you for making my days brighter.  I appreciate it! Make someone else's day brighter, sew up a little humorous or interesting embroidery project. I like to cut the fabric carefully and wind it to an adhesive-covered dowel. Since the project is lightweight, a small amount of glue is just fine. 

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