On Feeling Young, New Friends & Lunch in Orlando

Ann (AnnTheGran) CobbThanks for your Feedback

I'm really pleased that all of you really took to heart my request in my last letter to get involved with commenting on the new site. We had the most comments and participation we've had since I started blogging. Your feedback really does encourage me and my guests who write on the site to do the very best we can do. Please keep it up; the more you participate in my new site, the more you'll get from it.

Lunch with Eileen and Ann in Orlando

I'll start with an update on my Orlando event. We're getting lots of new people, and lots of new questions, but I want to let everyone know that we still have some room. We've also decided to expand the "door prize" opportunities; not only do we have almost a hundred door prizes, but Eileen and I have decided that we are going to host a private lunch both days for some of the winners. That means that there will be almost 40 winners who'll get a lovely (and free!) lunch with either me or Eileen. If we have the expected 200 or so attendees, that means a 1 in 5 chance of winning! We've extended the deadline for entry for that lunch to March 19, so if you've been sitting on the fence about going, it's time to get off! I've also added more detailed information about Eileen's seminars and my seminars at the event. Finally, I want to send out a special reminder to our users in Florida; don't delay registering just because you're local; when we're full, we're full! All the registration details are here.Deegee

New Blogger - Deegee

I'm proud to announce that we have another new guest blogger on the site, Deegee Hitzfelder of Deegee's Digi Designs. We've known Deegee for quite a while, but there's recently been a huge spike in interest in Deegee's wonderfully nostalgic designs due to a recent project she submitted to our friends over at Designs in Machine Embroidery Magazine. Deegee will be going through the treasure trove of projects that have been made using her designs, and sharing with us some of her favorites. Ken Parsons has also posted a few more quick ideas that include ways to creatively combine and manipulate designs. I hope you'll welcome Deegee and Ken and make them feel right at home by commenting on their submissions or asking them questions.

Magic Bookshelf - What's a Wiki?

Speaking of commenting and asking questions, you have certainly made my Beamish Boy very happy with all the nice comments on his Magic Bookshelf blog. Most of our users are pretty computer literate -- we are a web site, after all! -- but we're all busy too, which means we don't always have the time to keep up with the "lingo", and that's where Greg comes in. His post this week tackles another one of those things that you hear about -- wikis to be precise -- and how we are using them here on the new AnnTheGran.com to help our users stay knowledgeable and current on all the latest and greatest tips and techniques in the creative realm.

How I Keep Feeling Young

I think that's enough for you to go through this week, so I'll leave it at that. As always, please feel free to send me your own creations (click here to see how) and share your stories. Seeing how all of you find new and interesting ways to apply creativity in your own lives is what helps keep me feeling young and motivated!

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I keep getting error messages on these blog emails, which has become quite annoying as I have to deal with them every single time.  My husband/computer guru says it's not my computer, so could you check on your end?

Line 439

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Thanks, DebbieMcC,

That does sound annoying. What e-mail program are you using to read the e-mails? There have been reports from some of our users who use AOL that the e-mails did not display properly. We have contacted AOL, and it seems to be an issue of compatibility between their mail client and the service we use to send out our e-mails. If you are not an AOL customer, could you let us know what mail client you are using (ie. Outlook, etc.)?

Will there be vendors at the Orlando meeting?  I am in the market for a stand-alone embroidery machine and do not know where to start.


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