Hooping from the Inside Out

finished cosmetic bag Bag from www.embroiderthis.com

Have you ever tried to embroider something and thought you would have to crawl inside it to hoop it?

 Well, sometimes that is exactly what we have to do! Many items that have small openings are challlenging, but they can indeed be embroidered with a little inside-out ingenuity.

Here I have embroidered a sweet little gift item - a travel cosmetic bag. The first step is to mark it for centering and for straightness while it is in its natural position, zipped up.

I like to mark with painter's tape, because it isn't too sticky and can be used on almost any material type. I also mark an arrow so I know what direction the monogram should be facing. It's easy to get confused when placing items in the hoop in unusual ways.

 bag in hoop

Next, I hoop a piece of self-adhesive stabilizer in a suitable size hoop. I turn the bag inside out and place it on the stabilizer. 








in machineNow, I place the hoop in the machine, centering the arrow under the needle.

Just look at all the room I have! I could have made the monogram twice this size if I had wanted to. Turning an item inside out is often the secret to hooping - so if in doubt, turn it inside out.

Till next time,




Comments (4) -

What a great idea!  I have some items that cannot be 'turned inside out' for various reasons.  This solves that issue.

Thank you!  Pat

I have that very same bag, and I've procrastinated, just knowing it's gonna be hard to do!  You sure make it look easy!!  Thanks for the tips!

I too had done this many times. I have a Babylock 6 needle machine. I can rotate the design too.


Where there is a will there is a way!

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