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My love for embroidery is going on 10 years.  I cannot believe it, how time flies when you are having so much fun.  I think about my newbie days and remember frustration, determination, annoyance, jubilation, irritation, and finally the wonder and beauty of results.  There are many things that I would love to tell that person.  You may remember my blog - What I wish I Knew - in which I discuss some of the good buys and bad purchases. 

Well, I have a few to add to that list of ‘knowledge is power' idea:

  • The embroidery machine industry is changing really fast! As a relatively new craft (about 15-20 years old in the general crafting arena), it had some growing pains, improvements and ideas flow like water.
  • I do learn something in every project I do. (Just don't ask me about my most recent embroidery sale, which became the project that drove me nuts!)
  • Training is an absolute must! I cannot say that enough. Techniques, ideas and innovations are all around us and we need to keep learning and growing.

Those are just 3 more things that every newbie needs to know.   So, on to the topic for this blog - The Stitchin Sisters.

I am fortunate to have two great monthly embroidery club meetings here in southern California, but this event was so much more. 

You are probably aware of Eileen Rocha who is the founder (in 1998) and Editor and Publisher of Designs In Machine Embroidery or her sister, Marie Zinno, author of Machine Embroidery for Babies & Tots.   Together, they give you 2 full (and I really mean Full) days of tips, tricks and projects that inspire and motivate everyone.




My event was in beautiful San Marcos, California.  It was attended by more than 100 excited embroiderers.  We were treated not only to the top of the line machines to work (more like ‘play') with, including some 10 needle, fresh from the carton beauties.  Every project can be done on the terrific PE-770 for sale here at AnnTheGran.

By the first day at lunch, I stopped counting all the tips at about 30 because there was so much to learn and laugh about with old and new friends. 

The techniques that we were experiencing were being rolled into great projects that were presented with quality fabrics and stabilizers.   That is a true key to successful projects, using quality components. 

We must have done a dozen projects and given all the supplies needed.  We received a CD with all the designs and a copy of the latest Designs Magazine.  Eileen and Marie are sharing this design with you: 



In keeping with the California theme, this is the Starfish Stipple design from Stipple! Seashells

The color sequence is:

  • Color 1. Blue (the water is the bean stitch). 
  • Color 2: lay down orange starfish appliqué fabric over the opening in the Stipple block and stitch color 2, the appliqué tack down in dark orange.
  •  Color 3. Brown, the starfish details.

Eileen and Marie may be coming to your area soon, so check it out, I promise you will have the time of your embroidery life!

Eileen has a blog too!  I think she lives on 2 hours sleep daily - Read it here

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love it.

I too had attend a class with the stiching Sisters and found it extremely helpful. Note that I did not have any classes with my machine ULT 2002 because there are no stores within 60 miles o my location. ot only do they teach techniques but also give individual help to each person attending.  I first attend a class given by Eileen in Las Vegas when I was visiting family there. I raved about all that I learn, sso that is why a friend and I attend this class. For anyone who would like some insight into embroidery I strong suggest this class.

txlady - you are so right!   Expanding our embroidery horizons and learning is a wonderful part of this craft.

You are right, Eileen and/or Marie and the many staff that were there did help us when we got stuck.  It was a great time to make new friends and laugh with the old ones.


A recent, very thoughtful friend did something really nice for me.  It is not important who or what, it is just that it happened.

It reminded me of a Norman Vincent Peale book called "Success is never ending; and Failure is never final."  The nice deed reminded me that he was successful and added his ability to help me be successful.  Eileen and Marie also did the same, they shared their success with 100+ embroiderers and each of us will share something somewhere.

Thanks to all who help me make my life more joyous and happy, because that is what success really is!

Share today, it is never too late.


Thanks for sharing the starfish stipple design. I look forward to using it.

Hi Pat,

Marie & I are so glad you joined us in San Marcos. We met some very intereting ladies at that event and thoroughly enjoyed working with the staff of Sewing Machines Plus.

The best part of our job is meeting fellow embroiderers - something we don't get to do on a daily basis.  It's our hope that all Stitching Sisters attendees reach our three goals - eliminate the fear of hooping, nail placement and achieve professional results in all of their embroidery. Of course, we always hope attendees go home with a renewed passion for machine embroidery - I know we do!

Thanks for the kind words, Pat.


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