South Africa, soccer, art and culture.... African Folklore Embroidery Exhibition and Competitions

In the next few weeks’ world attention will be focused on South Africa as a million visitors arrive for the FIFA 2010 world cup soccer. Not since the release of Nelson Mandela in February 1990 has so much attention been given to this country of forty-eight million people at the southern tip of Africa.



While many dream of going on an African safari the twenty-six-hour flight and cost of an air ticket can make such a trip prohibitive.  Through my African Folklore Embroidery lectures and workshops people will be able to experience the wonder of an African Safari, learn about African tribal traditions and wildlife through a creative and culture needle art called African Folklore Embroidery.


In the past few weeks I have had a wonderful time teaching workshops in all parts of the country, Naperville, IL, Anaheim, Esconido and Tehachapi, California. I am always amazed at the spirit  of people who quilt, embroider and do other hand crafts.  There is no such thing as a generic quilter, but what they do share is a love and appreciation of their craft and passion. 


In this blog, I will be sharing some pictures of some our workshops. There are many workshops and classes scheduled for the summer and if you would lke my schedule please do not hesitate contact me.  The only thing you need for an African Folklore Embroidery workshop is a pair of scissors and if you can not attend one, buy a kit (they come with a needle, African threads and easy to follow instructions) which mean you can take them with you on a road or plane trip, beach, RV  and you DO NOT NEED a Hoop. Even if you have never held a needle or stitched a stitch you will be stunned at how easy it to do and how quickly the chain stitch flows and goes ( chain stitch is the dominant stitch)


For the past eight weeks I have been teaching thirty home schooled Children the art of African Folklore Embroidery. A reporter and photographer from the Ventura County Reporter came to interview the kids and take pictures. I thought you may find the article interesting, how craft and education can be combined in a fun manner.  Click here to read about these kids. 


In celebration of the world cup soccer taking place in South Africa, and in celebrating America's birthday - 4th of July,  we are offering  a FREE kit of your choice with every three kits you purchase. In addition when you purchase three or more kits, you will receive a FREE copy of my book, Safari through African Folklore Embroidery. Is that a great offer or what?


There are a few more weeks to enter your completed African Folklore Embroidery designs in the $500 challenge.  Entry forms and details are online and the closing date is July 17th, 2010.  Entries will be on display at the African Folklore Embroidery booth at the Long Beach International Quilt Festival, Long Beach Conventrion Center, July 22-25th, and the Pasadena Bead and Design show, July 20 - Aug 1st at the Pasadena Hilton in California.  I am teaching several classes at the show and I look forward to seeing you there.  For class details and registration email or call for questions, (818) 999-6094.


Hope you all had a great July 4th, Leora Raikin, 


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