Rise Above the Ordinary with Silk Flower Embroidery


It’s great to find a new embroidery effect, and it’s even better when it’s as easy as the silk flower technique. Jackie Woods of www.greatnotions.com introduced me to the concept, and I found it absolutely stunning.

lavender purse


Jackie used the technique to make this purse. The design stitches the leaves and stems, and the stitches an X to serve as a target to place the silk flower petal. It's a very clever technique and the variations are endless. Jackie supplies petals with the design pack, Silk Flowers 2.



pack designspack CoverThese are the designs included in the pack. Buy the pack at the link below.


When I used this technique to create a this lampshade in my new book, Dimensional Machine Embroidery, I bought the petals in a bottle in the scrapbook supply section of a craft store.  You can also just pull them from inexpensive silk flower stems.

apply glueAfter stitching the target, apply adhesive from a glue stick to the back of the flower petal. Center the petal over the target X and stitch the center of the flower.



You can create the lampshade and eleven other dimensional techniques by following the instructions and using the designs in my book, Dimensional Machine Embroidery. See it and order it here -


book cover 


 Till next time,

May embroidery always bring you joy -



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Lovely pieces and creative idea!  That is what is so great about embroidery, everyone sees it just a little different.


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