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Keeping It Simple- Lampshade Makeovers

Keeping It Simple- Lampshade Makeovers

Our oldest grandaughter is getting a new room.  This has been in process for some time since her parents are updating their house at the same time.  So new trim, new doors and flooring were needed as well as paint and décor.  Papa will paint the trim next week end and the room will be ready for the finishing touches.  She picked a yellow, pink and green bedding set with flowers and butterflies so everything else will revolve around that.  This week has been very busy but I did get the lampshades done.  I revamped the old ones so the only cost was the green fabric to match the green in her bedding.  You can buy the self-adhesive lampshades and nightlights at many craft and fabric store if you don't have an old one to reuse.

Here is what she had before in her toddler room.

This is all you do.

1.  Carefully remove the old trim and fabric.

2.  Using that old fabric for a pattern cut out a new piece to fit the shade. (If you buy one the pattern will be included.)

3.   Choose a design and thread colors that closely match an element  in the bedspread. 

4.  Hoop tear away stabilizer and fabric centering the design.  Embroider the design

5.  Remove the stabilizer and trim loose threads on the back as well as the front if necessary.

6.  Carefully place the center section on the shade and smooth the fabric all the way around. (Ours was still quite sticky after five years but you can use craft glue and a paint brush if needed.)

7.  Fold the end under and glue with fabric glue.

8.  Glue trim around the top and bottom of the shade. (We were able to use the same trim that was on the old one.)

It took me about 1 1/2 hours to do the lamp and the night light.  Here are the results. 


It really doesn't have to cost a fortune to add accessories to a child's room.  Next time I hope to share the large wall canvases we are making.  The ones that were shown in the store were $70 each and there were four in the set.  Our set of four will cost under $30 for the whole project.  Here is another idea for a child's room.

Stay cool and take care,


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thecomputerist 7/9/2010 9:45:44 PM

Would you make some for me?  I love this!!!


this design was awasome


<a href="";">"; rel="dofollow">Pharmacy News</a>

Wow - from toddler to 'tween in one easy step!  She's a lucky girl!! Those shades & your sew-out are simply beautiful!  Thanks for sharing.

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