Embroidery Advisor Presents: A King Who Loved His Embroidery?

Would you believe that a certain king actually loved embroidery?  Well, King James I of England surely did.  He loved it so much that a whole new style of embroidery came out during his reign:  Jacobean. 

                                                Spring Jacobean             Spring Jacobean          

 King James I of England or King James VI of Scotland, as he was also known, was a devotee of new knowledge & had the first embracement of Renaissance patterns connected to England through his German & Flemish artists.  This new style of design was so innovative that it influenced the entire realm of furniture design, architecture & other decorative arts throughout Europe & came to be known to us as the Jacobean form.

                                               Summer Jacobean         Summer Jacobean     

 Jacobean embroidery, sometimes referred to as crewel embroidery, frequently specializes in spiral floral patterns which may be sculptured into fabrics such as silk or linen.  These designs were often used in the fashion of the Elizabethan era, where both men & women wore jackets embroidered with Jacobean designs.  This same approach of embroidery was then carried on to Colonial America by the British colonists, where this embroidery style blossomed.

                                                Fall Jacobean             Fall Jacobean

 Here at Starbird Stock Designs, we just love the Jacobean style of embroidery.  We love it so much that we have created 8 different design packs of this ornate embroidery variety.  We have singles and squares for summer, fall, spring, winter & flower schemes that should relish everyone’s taste.    

                                                 winter Jacobean             Winter Jacobean

We hope that you come to love the Jacobean embroidery designs just as much as King James did; maybe you can create your own movement in arts & crafts, just as the King who so loved his embroidery. 

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