Keeping It Simple - Tags All in the Hoop

I went to have lunch with my granddaughter this week.  It was fun but one thing that amazed me was how many lunch boxes looked just alike.  And they were all jumbled together in huge tubs so it took the kids some time to find the one that belonged to them.  So, this week we made In-the-hoop tags.


Here is what you need:

The tag which you can download here

Two scraps of fabric about 5.5" square


Embroidery designs of your choice (here is where I got the horse)  

Alphabet Xpress or Ann's Alphabet for lettering

Temporary spray adhesive

stabilizer (not lightweight tear away)

Here is what you do:

1.  Hoop a double layer of stabilizer.  I used a medium cutaway but a good tear away or wash away mesh could work as well.

2.  Embroider the first color of the tag design.

3.  Place one piece of fabric on top covering the stitches and secure edges with some temporary spray adhesive.  Embroider the second color

4. Now embroidery your design or monogram.  (If you do not have software to combine these you will have to leave this design and go to the one you want in the center.  We'' come back later.)

5.  Remove the hoop.  Turn it over and place the second square face up on the back making sure it covers the tag outline.  Secure the edges with a little temporary spray adhesive. 

6.   Reload the tag design and advance to the third color.  Carefully slide the hoop back on the machine and if possible check to be sure the fabric underneath stayed in place.  Embroider the third color.


7.  Remove the hoop and lay it face up on a flat surface.  Carefully cut around the edges of the tag outline.  Turn the hoop over and do the same on the backside.


8. Load the bobbin with the same color as the top thread for the satin appliqué outline thread you want to use.  Carefully slide the hoop back onto the machine and embroidery the fourth color.

9.  Embroider the rest of the tag.

10.  Remove the stabilizer from the hoop and carefully cut (or tear or spritz depending on which stabilizer you used) to remove the stabilizer.

11. Slit the small hole for the ribbon.  Insert the ribbon.  Sew across to secure it in place if desired.  Tie on and your ready to go to school.

Note:  She loves horses.  The Horse design came from this collection.

Our younger grandaughter hasn't had a chance to sew hers yet but she picked frosty and here is what it will look like. 

I think I will sew velcro onto her ribbon so it won't have to tie and won't come off too easily since she is only two.

Be sure to have fun sewing this week.

Take care,


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thecomputerist 8/27/2010 7:34:51 PM

Trust me, I am not 2, but things come off for me just the same!!!

I can think of a lot of uses for this, a suitcase, boxes in storage and even my plants.  I could add info about watering and/or lighting, because I do forget which ones need what.

Thanks!  Pat

tourlady522 8/28/2010 9:00:19 AM

Great idea thanks for sharing.


Great idea!!!  I'll have to make some for my nieces.  They would be good for gym bags, quilt bags, machine trolleys, etc.  the uses are endless.  It could even be smaller to be attached to rotary cutters or scissors.  THANKS.

tourlady522 9/4/2010 9:12:23 AM

I have been making these like crazy all week and have come up with a way to add in the name and address so they can be used as luggage tags too. I finished them until you do the final border and just before I take it off the machine place a business card with the persons name and address on the back then place a piece of transparent vinyl on top of that then finish as usual. This keeps the address inside.I will post some pictures later today once I take them.


Glad you are enjoying these.  Yes, post some!  I like the idea for stocking stuffers for this holiday season.

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