Celebrate Easter with Embroider Buddy

One of our favourite holidays is right around the corner and we couldn’t be ‘hoppier’! That’s right, Easter is nearly here and we’re moving like quick little bunnies to get our special orders packed and shipped.

Chocolate is always a popular gift. Of course, some folks can’t eat chocolate, plus when the treats are gone and the sugar-rush has faded, you’re left with nothing but some measly candy wrappers. That’s why our Buddies are the perfect holiday gift and lifetime keepsake.

Luckily our warehouse is still FULLY stocked with all of your Easter favourites. Buddy Bunny has been waiting all year for his time to shine! Who better to deliver the message of this ‘hoppy’ holiday than this cuddly 16” embroidable? And, if you have a BIG message to deliver, then Jumbo Bella Buddy Bunny is the right gal for the job (especially if you like to put all your eggs in one basket)! Also lets not forget  Lambton Lamb Buddy!

Here are some great Easter sayings for your Embroider Buddy®:

  • “Hoppy Easter”

  • “Happy Easter, hunny bunny!”
  • “Some bunny loves me!”
  • “My first egg hunt”
  • “You are totally eggs-ellent!”
  • “Keep Calm and Hop On”

As a bonus, celebrating Easter with Embroider Buddy® is worry-free. Not only are all of our products safe for children, but they’re machine washable too! That means the yearly melted chocolate fiasco won’t stand a chance against our Buddies and Blankeys. Just unzip our Buddies, take out the stuffing pods and throw the skins in the wash (we recommend putting them in a machine washable bag).

What are some of your favourite Embroider Buddy® Easter projects? Share your photos and ideas on the comments below – inspire others!

What would Easter be without Buddies? Bunnies and lambs are some animals that we traditionally think of during Easter. Luckily, we have both!

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