Joe’s 5 Great Tips for Edge to Edge Quilting by Designs in Machine Embroidery

This week we are going to discuss Joe’s 5 Great Tips for Edge to Edge Quilting.  You might be asking “Who is Joe?”  Joe Chisum, from Sew with Joe, teaches how to use your embroidery machine.  You can also find Joe on Sew with Joe Facebook private group.  He has a wealth of knowledge, especially for Babylock and Brother machine owners.  So, let’s dive into Joe’s 5 tips.

Tip #1 – Mark quilt for parallel hooping

Joe uses the Frixion erasable pen to draw lines on quilt to keep the rows even.  Also, you can use the seams on the quilt if pieced.  Make sure there are at least a couple of marks or seams in the hoop.

Tip #2 – Use Quality thread

Joe uses Exquisite thread which is a 40-wt. polyester embroidery thread, even for quilting.  Polyester is a strong thread with a beautiful shine.  He uses the same thread in the top and bobbin.  You want a balanced stitch, therefore, use the same weight of thread in the top and bobbin.  Eileen agrees with using Exquisite thread for quilting edge to edge.

Tip #3 – Be aware of contrast

When you are using two colors of thread (one for the top needle and one for the bobbin) be aware of the colors of thread you are using.  If you don’t want a dot of thread showing on top, then use same color on the top and in the bobbin.  Be aware of and consider when deciding which colors to use, the color of your backing, the color of your quilt top (or overall color), the color of the top thread, and the color of the bobbin thread.  Thread dots may show up on the quilt top when the bobbin thread and top thread contrast with the quilt top fabric.

Tip #4 – Save Time with Magnetic Hoops

Using the DIME Snap Hoop Monsters, will save time as you can leave the bottom frame on the machine.  Just remove the top of the hoop, move the quilt to the next section to quilt, replace the top frame, and you are ready to stitch.

Tip #5 – Support the Hoop

Another great tip is using the DIME Weightless Quilter.  This supports the weight of the quilt and helps to keep the hoop moving during embroidery process.

For more tips and information on Edge to Edge Quilting, then watch Eileen Roche and Joe Chisum on Facebook Live from February 3, 2022.  Enjoy!

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