The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Stitching from long ago but not far away.

Green indicates specific tips for Embroidery.


·        Blanket stitch

This stitch is likely one of the first stitches ever created. The method required some engineering and would have been conceived for the worn-out potato sack blankets that had frayed edges. This versatile stitch could be placed on the edge of a design to make it stand out by creating that outline. It also could be used just like a floral design or added for a detailed item. Of course, you can always use it for edging. You could include some lace while stitching it creating an edge with a contrasting or complimentary edge. 


·       Bean stitch /triple bean

Another interesting & creative stitch is the Bean Stitch. The first time I saw the bean was from across the room. I could tell it was different but could not identify it. The subtly of the stitch gives a look of 3D without needing stuffing or inner lining. Creating highs and lows will give all your designs dimension. You do have to look hard for patterns that use this stitch. Personally, I think there should be an indication in the statistics showing "satin", "blanket", "zigzag", and "bean stitch." So you will know what the outcome will look like. 

Additionally, someone recently asked me how to determine how much thread you are likely to need. There is no way to answer that question, if you are low on a certain thread, it’s best to substitute a similar color. 

The Bean is not a good choice for delicate fabric. The sheer weight will cause damage, sagging, & possibly misalignment. 



BTW, one of the best tips I have seen in a long time was presented by Debbie who blogs right here:

If you have ever had your stabilizer slip, you will find this trick is a simple & reliable idea!



The blanket stitch is on the sun & feet. The bean stitch is red around the stomach. He was fun to create and makes an amusing wall decoration. I might put him in a 'shadow box' and add some trinkets such as charms that would go with the theme, a rope, knife, or gun. (The holidays are on their way. . . )

Thank you again for joining me. I appreciate having embroidery friends and not-yet embroidery friends. The Avid Embroiderer blog,

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