In-the-Hoop Crazy Quilt Blocks by Designs in Machine Embroidery

In-the-Hoop Crazy Quilt Blocks are a great and fun embroidery project as the seams and blocks will be the same every time it is stitched. You will get an heirloom look in a modern way and you can create heirloom stitches for any block when using embroidery software. For fun, crazy quilting project ideas, look at Today’s Crazy Quilting with Your Embroidery Machine by Eileen Roche.

So much fun in adding different textures and stitches! A great way to use up all those scraps of fabrics you aren’t sure what to do with. Crazy quilting started out as a project to help with using up all the fabrics from making garments with all those beautiful textures of fabrics. And adding the stitches by hand with embroidery thread gave it a dimensional, beautiful embellishment.

Now we can create these blocks for in the hoop using our embroidery machines and embellishing using our embroidery software with those specialty stitches. And if you don’t want to stitch the quilt block in the hoop, then just stitch it on your sewing machine. You can still embellish the block using your embroidery machine. My Quilt Embellisher features special stitches that mimic the hand embroidery stitches of crazy quilting. They are easy to add to your blocks.

Remember to use a lightweight stabilizer for behind the block or as the foundation of the block. Originally, crazy quilt blocks didn’t use any batting, instead, they used muslin for the foundation. There are several projects to make from the quilt blocks, such as a large quilt, table runner, small handbag, book cover, or small clutch to name a few. Today’s Crazy Quilting with Your Embroidery Machine features some blocks with embroidery designs and several project ideas.

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