How to Backup Your Embroidery Files

Having a backup of your files means more than having two copies. Where you store these files is even more important.

Keeping data safe is important not only for privacy but also to protect your investment. If you have been doing machine embroidery as long as I have, you have collected a LOT of designs. Probably many that you forgot you even had.

The biggest mistake you can make when backing up files is not having duplicates in two different locations. Having files on your computer and on a portable hard drive, for instance, only helps if you have a computer meltdown.

It is helpful if the portable hard drive is kept in another off-site location to protect your backup files but that is far from convenient when it comes to keeping it up to date.

If, God forbid, you suffer a natural disaster, you may lose everything, including your backup files. That is what makes cloud-based backup a great option.

What to Consider When Choosing the Cloud

  • Compatibility
    Will it work with your PC or Mac? Some cloud-based programs work with both.

  • Cost
    Many companies offer free storage, eliminating any financial risk to try.
  • Ease of Use
    Do files backup automatically or do you have to move them manually? Syncing allows you to have seamless updates.

  • Support
    Access to support is important, not only when you need help with setup and use but also in the event that you need to restore lost files.

  • Other Benefits
    Some companies provide encryption and/or other additional safety bonuses.

Here are some links to use as a starting point to research the best option for you. Each has various levels of additional protections and different ways that it backs up and/or syncs files.

 What kind of backup do you use?

Debbie SewBlest

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