New Contour-Cut Outs Alphabet from Fancy Jumbles

     Individual characters (letters, numbers and punctuation marks) from my alphabets canbe found on my Stock Design Page.  My designs are also available in packs, as described inthis blog.  Those can be found here.  For designs and packs available in multiple size... [More]

LaRueSews-Quilts,1/2-Square Triangles, Easy?

This blog could be considered as an Anniversary Blog, since it has been a year and seven days since I posted my very first Blog.  I didn’t think it would last this long.  But thanks to all of you and your faithfulness, I’m still here.  Also, I’d like to give a lot of... [More]

Girl Friend Get Togethers

As it happens I have 2 daughter in laws who are quite entrepreneurial!  This week Kendal was invited to bring her Pampered Chef product to an event that had 50 attendees who also got to look at other wares that included aprons.  As it happens a local gal has begun a business making aprons,... [More]

LaRueSews-Quilts-Binding Isn’t the End

The subject matter this time is probably one of the “testiest” that I have approached.  We are nearing the end of making a quilt from start to finish.  Adding the bind is the best part, right up to stitching down the binding on the back.  The photos I am using were ma... [More]

Keeping It Simple with a Quick Casserole Carrier

If you are like me, you subscribe to more than one embroidery and quilting magazine and scour them all front to back when you finally get the chance. Sometimes I'm inspired by the projects in the magazines but many times I'm overwhelmed. And any time that I sit down to sew I'm likely... [More]

The Prom, the Purse and the Lady

Last time we met here, I left you with two photos that I said I would Identify when I came back from my little sojourn from the BLOG.  Here’s some answers for you.  Several months ago, my granddaughter told me that she planned to make her prom dress.  Since she was a senior... [More]

How a computer stopped an embroidery business ..

Computer repair can be costly, I don't just mean out of pocket cash .. but, cash that doesn't reach your pocket because your computer issues are halting business.  As you can probably tell, I have been MIA for the last 2-3 weeks.  Blame the computer .. I spent hours of my time tryi... [More]

Flag Day Celebration

Did you know that Flag Day is this Sunday?  It is nice to take a moment and remember how gratef [More]

Tea for two

Some people are surprised by our African tea cup designs... Why tea cups? What do tea cups and teapots have to do with Africa? Good question. What many people do not know is that South Africa used to be a British colony. For many years the British ruled South Africa and as a result many of the Briti... [More]

Where exactly did I put that? You mean I could make money tagging other people's precious items?

Every month is Start Your Own Business these days, but Brother has gotten serious about this concept.  Infact if you go to our website you can see a great financial opportunity that we have for you all.  You can actually save lots of money if you buy a PR-620 NOW!  Whether you are an ... [More]

Twitter - An Annual or Perennial in Your Social Media Garden?

Inspirational PlaceMy family is very fortunate that our home has been blessed with a beautiful garden in spite of having nary a green thumb in sight. When my wife and I first saw this property two-and-a-half years ago, it looked like something out of a magazine - the inside was pristine and the outs... [More]

June Brides...Old and New!

Did you hear me laughing this morning? I was reading an email from Quilter's World magazine and they were recommending that you re-purpose a wedding dress into a christening gown.  Not a bad idea, but for me that would never have worked because I had a mini-length wedding dress! I rem... [More]

A new roommate, a new niece and a new quilt!

You may remember my January 17 post "What is all this stuff and how did it get into my house?" Well, the situation has worsened. There is now 3 people's stuff in a house that was already overstuffed with 2 people's stuff. How in the world can this have happened? I was just beginnin... [More]

It seems the art has 100 colors, what is a digitizer to do??!!

I just had one of those embroiderer and 'can't make up her mind' customer interactions. The antagonist of the story, played by the customer, is a great water color painter -- if you don't believe her, just ask her -- and, she brings in 3 water color paintings.  Well,... [More]

I get by with a little help from my friends

Although I haven't posted in my blog for more than 10 weeks, you all have always been close to me in my thoughts and I've felt your warm collective hug. With the help of your prayers, warm thoughts, words of condolence and encouragement I've been able to somehow get through the dark days... [More]

LaRueSews-Quilts- Quilting and ME Working Together

Yes, friends of Ann The Gran, Quilting and Machine Embroidery are great partners.  They can be used in ways other than making a quilt with machine embroidered blocks.  The two following photos are the first of a number of photos what will appear on LaRueSews-Quilts in the not too distant f... [More]

Digitizing Training ~ The RUN Stitch

Sorry for taking the week off .. I really like to prep for Mother's Day .. after all, my Mom is THE Queen and I really like to dedicate the whole weekend to her .. cooking, cleaning, taking her shopping and and out to a nice dinner and maybe a movie (though there isn't much at the movies her... [More]

A Social Media Star is Born - The Many Facets of Facebook

Celebrity GossipThe prevailing wisdom of our celebritized culture seems to tell us that, when everyone has an opinion about you, you know you've done something right. Facebook is a celebrity, a big star. It's a cultural phenomenon. Everyone has an opinion on Facebook. And just as the tabloid... [More]

Spring has Sprung

Spring has sprung in New Jersey.  Everyone is out and about walking and enjoying the beautiful trees as they bloom. That is here in New Jersey, apparently Mother Nature has a few things confused and my grandchildren in Colorado are still wearing their snow boots. Don’t forget though that ... [More]

LaRueSews-Quilts-Batting, Which One Will I Choose?

We are nearing the time when you will be getting your quilt ready to quilt.  That means that you have to make some choices about batting. First of all, just what is batting.  Batting is the middle layer of the quilt that provides warmth and comfort that we all know as a quilt.  In wa... [More]

Art to stitches - what kind of art works well

Q:  You hear stories of beautiful embroidery designs created from sketches on a bar napkin.  Is that true?A:  Though I may have had gotten ideas from sketches, the better the art, the better the embroidered design will be. Your software undoubtedly can import a wide array of art.&nbs... [More]
Back to School in Style with Embroider Buddies By Embroider Buddy

Back to School in Style with Embroider Buddies By Embroider Buddy

The warm weather is well on its way and that means exciting adventures are too. Whether you’re headed on a hike through your favourite trail, preparing for trips to the beach or on the way to summer camp, you’ll need somewhere to store your goodies when you’re on the move. We have the perfect Buddies for the job!

Our Embroider Backpacks have plenty of room for essentials like water, snacks and more!  All of our Embroider Backpacks are 25” tall making them the perfect size for easy hooping and embroidery.

Here are some tips for embroidering our adorable backpacks. It really is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Ensure that both the Embroider Buddy® skin and the Buddy liner are unzipped.
  2. Place the embroidery hoop in the desired area.
  3. Stitch your design.

    Backpacks steps

Tommie Dino Backpack Buddy
Don’t know the way to the beach? Don’t worry, Tommie Dino Easy as 1-2-3 Backpack will get you there! This dino doesn’t have scales, instead, his soft coat is as golden as the sand and his grin as shiny as sea shells. Unzip his hidden zipper to stow away your toys like shovels and small buckets and prepare to make the most epic sandcastle you’ve ever seen!

Embroidery inspiration for Tommie:

  • Raptor arms around me
  • Rex-traordinary

Pierce Dino is undeniably popular and is always ready for the next expedition. He’s a soaring success when it comes to flying kites, and he can help carry all the essentials. Bring him to your favourite open field or park (where there are NO power lines!) and prepare for take-off.

Embroidery inspiration for Pierce:

  • I love you this much
  • You’re dino-mite

It’s hard to believe, but one of the busiest days of the year is right around the corner. That’s right; back-to-school is here. While we get our kids ready for school routines and preparing bags, we mustn’t forget to pack a friendly, comforting compadre. Here are some of our Buddies who are most excited for back-to-school and will quickly become a school bestie!

Bus Stop Buddy
There’s no better send-off in the morning than having your favorite pup walk you to the school bus. Horatio Husky Buddy is not only a loyal four-legged companion, he is also a great protector and travel companion.

As the fall sweeps summer away, you can depend on Horatio Husky Buddy to keep you warm! Huskies have warm double coats making Horatio the “paw-fect” friend to keep your little one warm and protected this autumn.

Horatio Husky Buddy is the latest to join the Clara Classics Collection.  He is 16” and has a nice big belly perfect for bright embroidery designs. If you plan to send Horatio to school, consider personalizing him with a motivational quote like “Always put your best paw forward!”

The Buddy Who Makes School a Hoot
Oberon is a wise old owl who makes the perfect companion for study company. He is loved for his kind face and is always a hoot! His soft round belly is perfect for customization and looks great with monogram designs for safekeeping at school.

Available in a 16” Clara Classic Buddy, Oberon can fit at any study desk and help get the job done!

Moose Track Adventures
Mason Moose Buddy loves back to school because that means his favorite season is on its way! Mason loves the crisp fall air and changing leaves, you might even find him wandering through your local pumpkin patch looking for some snacks. His lush coat and magnificent antlers look especially charming paired with the mosaic of autumn colours.

Mason Moose is a Buddy of diversity. Available as a backpack, jumbo Buddy or classic Buddy, he loves adventure and makes the perfect friend for school trips. Whether you choose backpack Mason to hold your snacks and treasures, or a classic Buddy to conquer a great exploration, he’s the perfect companion for the new school year.

Down to Monkey Business
Looking for someone to do the legwork this school year? We’ve got the guy for the job, Lorenzo Long Legged Monkey Buddy! His long Velcro arms make him the perfect carrying accessory. Whether he’s hanging off your kiddie’s shoulder or attached to their backpack, he’s bound to put a goofy smile on everyone’s face!

Talk about carrying out a ‘leg-acy’; gift your little one a funny, long-legged monkey to help get them through the upcoming school year.

Divide and Conquer
Heading back to school can be overwhelming and intimidating until everyone is settled in. Children struggle to leave mom and dad even while knowing they’ll be seeing them in a few short hours. Send your little one to school with a personalized friend made just for them – making them feel at home!

Check out our current sale on the embroider buddies:

Get 10 Free AnnTheGran Designs Of Your Choice With Embroider Buddies

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