Hooping Hacks: Double-Sided Tape

When asked what they dislike most about machine embroidery, many say it is hooping.  

Hooping is one of the most fundamental building blocks of a successful embroidery project. It affects stitch registration, puckering, and stitch quality. If you hoop too loosely, stitches will not line up properly. Too tight, and you can get puckering.

We have discussed how t-pin can help keep your fabric and stabilizer from slipping in the hoop.

We have also shown you how using the DIME hooping mat can make hooping your embroidery projects so much easier.

And using magnetic hoops are a game changer, particularly when you are quilting layers or embroidering on hard-to-hoop items.

Here are a couple of ways that double-sided tape can help you successfully hoop your fabric and stabilizer.

This is one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” hacks. If you turn your hoop over and place a strip of double-faced tape along the flat edges, it helps to hold stabilizer (or fabric) in place until you get it hooped.