The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Unique Tips, 3. My Freebie is just a fun design.

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My first tip is courtesy of a friend who worked at a vacuum repair shop. She said that most of the vacuums that were in for ‘repair’ were actually just plugged up with dirt, usually in the hose area. The shop always collected the removed dirt and returned it to the owner in a plastic bag, thereby showing the actually problem.

We all have had that happen, and the cost of that ‘repair’ was $65, a charge that did not exactly make my day better. I previously have used a broom handle to dislodge the offending lump, but, the dirt was in a place that the broom could not reach, a curved area of the hose.

I walked around the house opening drawers and doors (that is where I get ideas for issue resolution). I used a coaxial cable wire because it was firm enough to create pressure and easy to work with. It is firm yet flexible.

My second tip is just for fun. The next time you wash your car, leave it wet after rinsing and invite all the kids and adults you know to play bubble bath bash. Have multiple bottles of bubbles available. There are even some available for weddings that are inexpensive and very small.



Make sure that your vehicle is not on a concrete, pavement or smooth surface. Bubbles will make the area very slippery. Have the vehicle on dirt, grass or gravel.

Lastly, I have been working in my yard this spring and it seems that every plant has a thorn or sharp twigs. I had so many cuts and bruises that I appeared to have been in a nasty fight and I came in last place.

I had a pair of rubber gloves that would not have held up to all the sharp items. I did think about a pair of leather gloves but felt they would not be sufficiently heavy duty.


Filling the rubber gloves with water, they were placed in the freezer.

This idea is still in progress but here are some tips -

  1. The duct tape needs to be adhered to itself. It won't stick to a rubber glove. As you wrap an area, use 1.5 times the length of the tape. It adheres to itself and really won't move.
  2. Learning to use the tape was challenging, especially when I didn't have a second grader to do it for me. Be sure that you are not tightening the tape around the glove. You need room for your hand and fingers to work.
  3. I can see that I may want to use a left glove most of the time and use my right hand to select and cut. Using both does not seem practical, but I am still working with the design.

Freebie time! The Pixar Minions are loved the world around. Not since Mickey Mouse has an adorable character captured so much interest and especially, fun. They have so much to say!! Here is one of their quotes that many of us can relate to.

I enjoy doing this blog and hope you find it interesting or helpful for you and yours. Pat

Comments (2) -

Thank you for the fun tip and the minion saying is definitely one we can all relate to,

Thanks for the note, Grammaheh1 (what an interesting name!).

I love the Minions and love to laugh, what could be a better combination, Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

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