The Avid Embroiderer Presents – Fun with Fonts. If you own a dog, your Freebie is a familiar sight.

 I remember when I started machine embroidery. I had no access to assistance, I bought my machine via the Internet, I don’t even recall where, but learning by myself was incredibly difficult. I eventually found places to get lessons and/or simple projects done on a Saturday afternoon.

Saving money is always a popular subject, and here are some of the freebies available to nearly everyone and every need. Perhaps you want something unique for a letter, email, or flyer. 

Beware, to use in embroidery, some fonts must have special programs to use; some letters must be inserted one letter at a time, (no way to just type in your wording), and some won’t have lowercase, possibly numbers, and special characters like arrows or letter size boxes/circles.

I highly recommend AnnTheGrans AlphabetXpress! It is easy to learn, comes with 5 preloaded professionally digitized fonts, and has more fonts available to purchase, & at a very small price, $55.19 (for Club Members) or $59.99 (for the general public). 

But what if you want to have something unique to your project. There are so many places to get free fonts, but NOT ALL OF THEM are suitable for embroidering. And, you will likely need a special program to translate them into stitching. Check your software, and possibly it will accept TrueType Fonts or other OpenSource/Software Fonts.

I do have software that converts TTY and other fonts, but these will be usable in many of the writing programs you may have. Nearly all composing software can do the conversion for writing only.

I wanted to use some ‘child-like font’ for my Freebie. Embroidery fonts don’t have such a thing, so here are a couple of places I found something that would work for me.

I did click around inside of the Font

Google has 1,400 free license fonts. This is one of my favorites!

Dancing Script - Google Fonts


Child's Play - abstract fonts - download free fonts 


abstract fonts - download free fonts

Just for fun, here is my daughter's dog, Daisy, and I get to keep her when they leave town. Unfortunately, they come and get her when they return. . . 
So, this is what a real dog looks like when she has food on her mind!

Thank you for joining me for this blog. I know I can use some laughter in my life. 

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Aww, what a sweet face Daisy has! Is she a Cavalier King Charles?
I’d say the only thing missing from your embroidery design is the drool. 😂

Thank you realbeal, Daisy has love to share like her darling face. Daisy is deaf but I always talk to her anyway. Do you think it is possible for a dog to lip-read? I do signals for her & often whisper my secrets which she is good at keeping.

You are so right, I needed to add drool.

I want to do freebies that you will like & share your completion of the project.

Remember, a freebie needs to be retrieved from its original site. Please don't share the freebie, share the site URL.

Thanks again. Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

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