Embroidering on Stretch fabric like knits and activewear!

Embroidering on Stretch fabric like knits and activewear can seem daunting, especially when a family member asks for a design on their new golf shirt. The shirt is slinky and stretchy. It is always recommended to do a test sample, but you don’t have a shirt to practice on. What then?

We are going to discuss some stabilizer options, hooping tips, and perfect placement on knits and activewear including those new golf shirts. The Embroiderer’s Helpers are just that a helper in perfect placement.

First, let’s discuss stabilizer options. Stretchy fabrics work best with a cut-away stabilizer. Exquisite No Show Cutaway is a mesh, strong, but sheer stabilizer which doesn’t show through. It is your best choice. Also, adhere the stabilizer to the back of the shirt (especially if the shirt is polyester) with temporary spray adhesive, like 505. Another tip is to float a piece of tear-away stabilizer underneath the hoop if you see there is some puckering beginning to happen.

Another option for those microfiber performance shirts and moisture-wicking materials with excessive stretch in the fabric is the Exquisite Poly Pro Performance Backing. Again, adhere the stabilizer to the back of the shirt with 505 temporary spray adhesive.

Here is a great tip for spraying with an adhesive: use the Spray Tent instead of a box. It is a fabulous solution.

Next is hooping tips. Hoop your project as much as possible with your standard hoop or Snap Hoop Monster. The standard hoop may be best for those slippery, slinky fabrics.

How do you achieve perfect placement on knits and activewear? There are 3 types of Embroiderer’s Helpers. The first one is the Embroiderer’s Helper for sizes small – x-large. The Big Embroiderer’s Helper is for sizes x-large – 3xlarge. And the other item is called Embroiderer’s Lil Helper as it helps to center designs over the pocket.

Fold your shirt in half and then place the appropriate side of the helper on the shirt and follow the arrows to place the target sticker. Complete instructions are on both sides.

To use the helper for a pocket, follow the instructions on the helper. You will place the helper evenly over the pocket and then mark the placement. 

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