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Not sure where someone got the idea that we are already making an upgrade for the new Quattro....not true!  Trust me, I would know.....I still reeling from what it took to get this one done.  Nite all!Yes

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When I went to the Brother unveiling, I was told that they are working on "adding" or upgrading this machine. they said that the quattro had plenty of memory to handle upgrades. I don't know if it was a teaser or what.

So I am the one that said that an upgrade is in the works. If I was wrong, I apologize to everyone out there...

Sorry Sorry sorry


travelbug1237 9/23/2008 2:48:48 PM

HH cme & June,

     Just my 2 cents worth of input here. As you might know I have been searching out the best price I can get for the new Quattro...short of buying a dealership myself Smile Smile Smile Smile , and I have narrowed it down to 5 dealers in 5 different states who are running "sales,"  but can't tell me the price which is fine. ( well sort of fine...I'd much rather KNOW of course!!!)

    They CAN say though whether they are 'having a sale' over the phone, but nothing else.  I then can ( & did) ask  AtG readers who write me -  to go in  - (who themselves are wanting to see the new Quattro machine ) and check out the prices - in the those various states. We have AtG members in ( 40+states) so far on the map I am doing!!! .....The glitch is I DO need to fly to their state and physically 'walk in'  or have my son etc walk in and buy it. ( Nice son....good son....remember I helped you get through college, son.) SmileSmile

I have 'saved up my frequent flier miles...but my son does 'travel' quite a bit for business so it may work out for him to do that.

( The timing is kind of 'perfect'..don't cha think....My birthday is in October and Christmas is just around the corner. Smile

( As I said in an earlier comment on June's prior blog, I had really not thought about ever going anywhere but to the  Brother dealership  right down from me....but, because of finding out they were charging $2,000 MORE than the 2 other Brother dealerships on the 4500D ( that I found out about through other AtG members at the convention in Orlando...in their states.)...I won't go back to them. ( Well actually it was because of the way I was treated when they did NOT get the sale because I 'won' the 700 machine in Orlando.)

   Anyway...getting to your point cme... So when calling those 'other dealers' while I was considering buying the 4500D after Orlando, I had an idea that perhaps they would be charging less for the Quattro too, once I heard that machine was coming more recently.

    Brother's rules won't let them say how much they are selling it for.....

(I do understand 'rules'  - we had them galore when teaching school and if we all followed them...then things were 'fair"  & it went a lot better. The 'kids' knew what to 'expect' and playground time went well....It was when a teacher would 'do their own thing ' / get bossy or decided to use the non-consensus set of rules that things got  'complicated it....Anyway...

Boy am I editorializing here!!! Yikes!!!.....but I was able to ask LOTS of other questions about the machine when I called the 5 states. Some had 'time' to talk...others didn't.

( I might add the other 5 dealers I have spoken to have nice and restores my faith in a dealership who care about a person and not JUST the mighty dollar.)  I know -  I know..."time is money".....but when you are a teacher vs a business person...I do think we ( at least some of us teachers)

don't look at that phrase the same way as those of you who DO make a living

doing business. It takes TIME...lots of time to teach a non-reader to read...

a non English speaking person to speak English etc etc.... ( A non ME'er to ME, a non computer person to compute etc etc.)

Boy am I yakking away here.....sorry !!! and on June's site not my own Smile

   ANYWAY CME.....When I had a VERY long conversation with one of those 5 owners, it was explained to me that the machine WILL have the capability of upgrades to the tune of eventually MAYBE even being 'wireless,' but Brother is NOT doing that yet and it is down the road. They took OUT the slot for the 'reader cards' so that there is more room for goodies as they can come up with them.

The machine is suppose to be a DREAM just the way it is,  and every dealer I talked to is completely amazed at the 'snowman' that can help you get things straight. Hmmmm that is what I have needed all my retirement days is that

little snowman I have been hearing about. LOL

Since I have not seen a demonstration yet...I can only picture it in my mind. So cme...I believe that is what they were talking to you about...and

so you don't need to apologize in my book. AND because of your comment in June's blog,  I ASKED about upgrades coming specifically and I was told yes....but that there is NOTHING scheduled yet...but the 'goodies' are in the machine IN CASE they figure out how to make it wireless  etc etc. ( WiFi is the term I believed they used.)

Hope that helps you cme....It helped ME ask MORE questions!!!So THANK YOU!!!!  So I will let June correct me also if need be but I am telling you what I was told also.

 June go ahead and correct me if I was told info that is NOT correct, but

I would think that the owner who did attend the big Las Vegas unveiling for dealers got it straight. EVERY dealer I have talked to absolutely LOVES loves loves the new machine.

   Just curious how many are getting it in Ann's group?

My husband said yes...but I still can't QUITE justify spending that much money because I am SUCH a newbie....... Maybe I SHOULD go ahead and get it

and THEN will I get more  'teachers' at the beach???!!!  Smile Maybe???? SmileSmileSmile


Chatty Cathy who is avoiding cleaning....but I DO have one large whte shelf

all ready for binders to keep my designs etc in. Yeah!!!! ( I even bought new ink for the printer so I SHOULD be able to download the printed sheets I was told to do for EACH and EVERY design!!! Holy cow...how long will THAT take????Some day I WILL machine embroidery again!!!

This preparation and getting organized is REALLY really something else!!!

Thank you Cathy for all that input.

Yes, the snowman thing is really great on the machine. they demonstrate it using a stiped fabric. They Intentionally hoop the fabric crooked and by placing the snowman straight, the design adjusts itself to become straight.

I know what you mean by preparation... but I found that if I did not just jump in and do some MEing, then I would never get "aroundtoit"  For me, it worked to just start MEing and then orginization came around that. I found that some of my organizing ideas, great as they were, hahahah, did not quite "fit"  After I started MEing I found certain things were handier (is that a word?) in different places than planned.

For instance, I thought my stabilizers would be best near my machine... not so. It works best having them by the cutting /  layout table...

The hoops work better by the machine, because I have two different types of machines and it helps me not grab the wrong hoop....

Anyway... just jump in and "do it"

cme  8^)

BTW.. happy birthday.... soon... my Bday is October also...

oops just re-read my comment, I meant to say striped, not stiped..Smile)))

Can someone direct me to a site or book or something that will teach me to design my own designs?  I have a Brother PE150 machine. No one around here gives lessons


do you have any digitizing software? That is what you will need to design your own design. It really does not  matter which one, just one that you are familiar with.

CME thank you, yes, I do have an old PE150 one, but I was hoping for something visual...or one-on-one lessons.  I'm not to creative.

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