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Juen's Sewing RoomHello there folks….

I am sitting here in my sewing room, yes I do have one and just so you feel better I can tell you that it is total disaster area at the moment.  I am actually sitting with my laptop on my ironing board and writing to you as my Quattro is humming along.  You might wonder what I am up to, well actually I am giving my little “snowman” a challenge.  For those of you who might be scratching your heads and wondering who the “snowman” is, it really is a positioning sticker and once you use it, you are hooked.  You begin to look at using the “snowman” as a challenge….hmm how can I trick it?  Why did it rotate the design?  What exactly does the InnovEye technology “see” when it finds the “snowman” on the sea of your fabric.  I find it intriguing.  I am sure my husband is wondering what in heavens name I am doing with my Quattro when it keeps “binging.”  What he does not know is that I can turn off the reminder sounds if he asks me to.  I have to tell you though I really like having the sound as a gentle reminder when a color is completely finished sewing.  The Quattro also lets me put 5 different screen savers in the machine….one for each of our grandchildren.  Now my little Tyler will be able to see his happy little face as my screen saver or he can see one of his favorite Disney characters.  Some of you might remember me telling folks how this little fellow has been known to saunter into my sewing room and turn on my machine to “watch the D- channel.”  Now he has a viewing choice.

Back to my “snowman” challenge, I had actually re-opened the Brother no. 31 memory card that had those beautiful exotic flowers.  If you remember, there was a beautiful floral arrangement that you could make by constantly “rehooping” your fabric at different angels.  This was surely a diagonal challenge.  The fabric was appt to pull in the opposite direction that you wanted it to.  I have discovered that the little “snowman” can help me angle the design while the fabric is on grain in the hoop.  I have to be honest, it does take some time to think about what you goals are with this project but if you are like me, a challenge intrigues you. Without going into great detail here I would like to make a few quick suggestions:

• Cut the fabric at least 12 inches larger on all sides then the design itself.  This will allow you to move the hoop around to reach the 10 different areas.
• Use stabilizer.  Cut away stabilizer is a good place to start.
• Older machine models used multi-position hoops to organize parts of the flowers to make them larger.  Today’s machines have an “embroidery edit” feature that will easily let you organize these designs on the screen of your Brother machine.  Here is a hint that will make the vertical alignment process easier: the A setting is +150, B is 0, C is -150. 
• This is a big design and would look really great on the back of a denim jacket. You might however, be afraid that you will make a mistake and damage the jacket.  Read my next tip.
• Consider embroidering this design on several layers of organza.  When complete, carefully trim away the excess organza.  Spray temporary spray adhesive to the back of the design.  Position the design on your jacket.  Using monofilament thread, using free-motion stitching techniques to attach the design to your jacket. No more puckering!
• Don’t be limited to jacket backs, why not consider applying the design over a shoulder area.  Now that you don’t have to worry about getting that challenging area into the embroidery hoop the possibilities are limitless. 

Many participants in this blog are concerned about pricing and paying for a new Quattro or other new machines from Brother.  Participating Brother Innovis dealers have been able to extend these terms for you.  Visit our web site to check out the variety of financing plans available to you. 

Another popular topic of discussion continues to be ‘how to pick the dealer that is right for you.”  As you have proven, there are lots of reasons for choosing your Brother Innovis dealer.  Maybe it is the classes or how much gas it takes to get to the dealer location.  Whatever the concern is, consider the opinions of friends but think what will work for yourself.  If you do pick a dealer that is further away then you would like, find a friend who also shops there and carpool.  One of my best dealer friends in Texas used to offer a gas card to their customers.  Ask a dealer if they have begun to offer “online classes.” 

Updating vs upgrading a machine….another hot topic.  The engineers at Brother have really met this challenge on so many levels.  Let me explain a few: Two Models
• Updating- Brother has discovered a few issues that need to be “fixed”
o The Brother web site has a software update area that lists the updates that have been created for many machines
o Transfer the updates via floppy disks, thumb drives or USB cable to your machine
o Follow the directions carefully and the process is done in minutes and at no charge
• Upgrading-  Brother engineers have created new features that will make your machine do more things or offer new designs
o Brother Innovis dealers stock these upgrades
o Upgrades, most often, include hardware as well
o The customer can easily install the upgrades themselves at home.  No need to bring your Brother machine to the store.
o Upgrades often require that your machine be updated to a particular version.  The instruction manual for your machine will tell you how to determine machine version. 

The holidays are coming.  Are you prepared to find new ways to share your skills with friends?  Whether you are going to adorn those “plain Jane” towels to make them a special gift or personalize that cloth handbag or backpack, now is the time to make your list and check it twice. 

As the sewing machine sponsor for Project Runway, I have met lots of folks who want to learn how to sew or start to sew again.  Have you considered giving that as a gift?  Remember when we used to get a “babysitting” coupon from our parents?  Why not give your friend or grandchild a “sewing coupon?”  You would be surprised what you know that others want to learn.  Make it a package that includes lunch at your home.  That will give you the chance to show off those embroidered napkins that have been languishing in the buffet since you made them. 


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hookedonembroidery 10/4/2008 9:23:33 AM

Hi June...I'm so glad you put that picture in. I thought I was the only one who could make such a mess out of a sewing room. I'm still waiting for my Quattro to come in. The snowman is the first thing I want to try. It's hard to believe all of the technology that is in this machine! Thanks for the great bolg.

  I have a question.....I was told that the 4000D is no longer being made. Is there any truth to that?



Ne pourriez vous pas écrire en français


jalcumbrack 10/4/2008 10:46:23 AM

Wow! I really feel good about my sewing room now!

Great info ,thanks! I can still dream,even though the price tag on this machine is waaaayyyyyyyy out of my reach! There is no way I can justify the price on this machine!

It would have to be able to clean house, cook and do laundry before I could convince my Hubby that I "need" it!


I Love how Ann called her room "busy" when introducing this blog ....I will use that choice of wording from now on when my sewing room gets "over-run" with projects/ideas

Thank you for an interesting read.


hookedonembroidery 10/4/2008 11:43:20 AM

Oh my gosh, I can't believe I spelled "blog" wrong!! A slip of my fingers on the keyboard. I really should check my comments before I send them. Judy, I think you gave Brother something to think about. Maybe they could come out with a robot that could cook,clean and do laundry. Just think of all that extra time all of us would have! What do you think June??


hi we are in gb, the 4000 machine is still being made but disney is being taken off here,at present there are limited numbers of the 4000d,but they are going fast.

microduster 10/4/2008 2:38:40 PM

Hi, I have a Quattro on order and wondered if anyone has heard when deliveries to the stores we ordered from will happen?


please some help me with the patterns for faces for making dolls.

Thanks for all the great info!  That little girl is a real doll!


Thanks everyone...good comments and hookedonembroidery, don't worry about spelling, I read it as blog!  Now isn't that something!

June are they not producing the 4000D with Disney any longer?  I have it and didn't want to give it up for the

Quattro because of the Disney chracters.

Have a fun weekend everyone.  Since I  opted out for an  early retirement in June, I have a seven day weekend....don't hate me though!!  I honestly think I got more done when I worked.  

Take care

I have the 4000D but I am having a hard time trying to get it fixed. I've had problems every since I purchased it and had to drive a long distance to get it worked on.  Then the dealer said they couldn't do anymore. One of your friends told me to write them.  Well it's be going on since September, and a lady called me last night.  But she doesn't sound hopeful, said to mail it and they'll look at it and that's all she can tell me.  I'm 45 miles from Knoxville and no one there authorized to fix it.  The authorized dealer was 81 miles one way!


Don't frett about the spelling. It is a proven fact that most people can read the first few and last letters of a word and are able to read it. Isn't that interesting?

cme   8^)

jalcumbrack 10/5/2008 6:08:42 AM

That's OK, I probably couldn't afford the robot either!


microduster 10/5/2008 3:39:13 PM

Hi June,

Just following up on the note I left yesterday. Have you heard anything from Brother on when deliveries to the stores may start for the Quattro? I can't wait to get mine! Can you tell?? LOL


hookedonembroidery 10/5/2008 10:26:02 PM

Kathleen...My dealership in Aloha Oregon said Brother contacted them last week some time and the first 5 that were ordered are being shipped. I am some where on the 10-15 list and mine won't be here until the end of October. But I'm not holding my breath on that date! I'll let everyone know on this blog when I get mine.


sixcatsterry 10/6/2008 4:15:32 PM

June, Thank you for that picture.  I make me feel better.  I have ordered my Quattro.  Yes there are several dealers closer than the one I ordered from. However this dealer has a fantastic technician (I refuse to use the word repairman for this man's level of knowledge). I will go the 53 miles because I trust them! I love my Brother machine that I have now but the Quattro seems to be on a whole new level.  

Yes the cost is high; try talking to your dealer about a trade in. Also with everyone worrying about the economy you can justify your purchase as doing your part to keep up the economy(OK, that is stretching things).  

I can't wait to get my hands on this gem


microduster 10/6/2008 5:10:07 PM

Lynn...thanks for the update! I live in Rochester, NY and called my store to see if they had heard anything about deliveries, they had not. Like you, I can't wait to get this machine!! I know the price is steep, but I keep telling myself I will never need another machine!! Hopefully it will be a good long time before Brother comes out with a better one than this. I was fortunate in that I just bought my Duetta 4500 in the last 7 months so I was able to get a 100% trade-in on the Quattro. I don't think retirement will ever be in my future!!  HAPPY STITCHING!


hookedonembroidery 10/6/2008 8:37:35 PM

Hi Kathleen....Well my call came in! My Quattro is in the store as I type. I was out running errands late this afternoon and my hubby called me on my cell and said Kim called and said your "BABY" was in. I had no idea what she was talking about so I told her we didn't want anymore "babies" so send it back! Yipes!! She didn't send it back....she just likes to give my hubby a hard time. I'll pick it up tomorrow.  Hope I can sleep tonight!


I just got my Quattro last Friday.  I absolutely love it.  Been busy learning alll the stuff.  I just tested my "snow man" today for the first time.  The design was rotated in the camera eye, so I just rotated my design the way I wanted it to be.  So simple and easy to do.  The snow man is great especially if the fabric is off center in the hoop.  Great feature.  The instructional book is simple and easy to follow.  This is my first embroidery machine and I feel like I have started at the tops for performance and quality.  Tomorrow I will try appliqueing for the first time.  I am very pleased with my Quattro!!!  It is very user friendly...


Congratulations ladies (and any men out there too) that got their new Quattro.

I am still thinking about it. I have a fully refundable deposit on mine. Let me know how you all love it., expecially you Kathleen, since you have the Duetta.

Have fun with your new machines. I am envious.

cme   8^)

hookedonembroidery 10/7/2008 8:00:19 PM

Hi Ladies.....Well I finally just got home with my Quattro. Spent a couple of hours learning a few things. Wanted to say "Hi" to Kathie (Truvie) in Aloha Oregon. Are you the one that called the store today while I was there and asked Melissa if I blogged on ATG? I was wondering if I already knew you from "Chatty Cathy's Blog". There is another Kathy out there I think in Hillsboro....We may all know each other. I skipped Embroidery Club all summer, Saturdays didn't work out for me. I guess we are starting up again next Monday. I have to take my granddaughter to Irish Dance lessons twice a week and wouldn't you know she made the performace team and that's on Monday nights! I should be able to get there shortly after it starts. I guess I'll check out the rest of my stuff and see if I remember everything Kim told me!


Aloha Oregon

microduster 10/7/2008 8:02:25 PM

Well Lynn & Bev, I am soooooo jealous!!!                     But, really excited now too, may be the delivery of my new baby, and I too want no more of the the REAL babies!! I'm leaving that up to my children now! 3 grandchildren so far, but I'm a YOUNG grammie, I still have a 16 1/2 year old at home! I'm loving all of it though! LOL .....all the more reason that I need to really learn how to use the new machine. I have done quite a bit of the embroidery but I need much more sewing experience. I really want to learn to quilt!

CME, I'll keep you posted, but from the comments I've seen posted I don't think I will be dissappointed...

Kathleen    Smile

I heard from my local dealer on Tuesday and they said they had just received there demo machine.  It was up and ready for me to test drive.  I had originally seen it at the state fair when they showing off one of the original demo machines and I ordered mine then.  They said I could come in and play with there's until mine comes in.

I can't wait.


Hey all of you who live in Western Washington, we now have a group for us. Come one come all to join and post to the Western Washington (Oregon too 8^) )group.

thanks greg

cme  8^)

laurgassman 10/14/2008 9:05:08 PM

Thank you for showing us a "real sewing room"!!!  Mine looks like that and I find myself drawn to it often to whip something up.  The ideas flow when the suppllies  are close at hand... I have three machines (husband calls them my toys!) that are ready to do their part the instant I step foot in "my" room!!!

junemellinger 10/15/2008 12:31:17 AM

I am glad that you all liked my sewing room.  Beneath the clutter it is really a pretty room.  It is gold with a pretty wallpaper border and lovely sewing furniture.  It does have a small chair in it and that is where my husband perches.  He just doesn't seem to want to use his study!  Actually we had some room reversal going for the last 3 years.  I was finishing my BS on-line  and so I used his study for my classroom.  Now that I have graduated I would have thought that he would have taken the study back for himself but apparently he likes the clutter of my sewing room.  


Can anybody tell me what the cost of the Quattro is.  I don't have a dealer near me and all the places on line don't have a price for them.



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