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Well ladies, there certainiy has been lots of discussion about what to pay for a machine.  I have to say once Brother sells the product to the dealer, it is up to the dealer to set a reasonable price. They do that based on many things.  The most important thing for all of you to remember when making your purchase is the relationship that you will build with that dealer.  Some  dealers have great classes and clubs.  Some have great customers who learn from each other. Some just have prices that intrigue customers.  Some have strategic locations and others have wonderful sales help.  The most important thing is that that all are doing one thing in common....selling a great brand....Brother.

Back to the business at hand....if you have not had a chance to visit our site recently please do so....www.brothersews.com.....there is so much to see and learn there. Most importantly about our new machines and this month's offers!

To the gal who wished she had a USB port for her PE-700, why not pick up PE-Basic and download from your computer to the card!  Same thing just a different method of transferring data.

To the gal who loves PE-Design 8.0, it is cool and I have to say that when we intro'd it to our dealers at convention....they drooled over the new features.  They loved that instant stippling or the ability to merge and eliminate the bump in the middle! 

I am sure there are more questions that need answers but my husband has just come home after a long day and I am sure he would like a cup of coffee! Coffee Talk to you all later! 

Been a busy week...went to the Project Runway finals in NYC/Bryant Part ....no I can't tell you who won...met with Better Homes and Gardens Quilting  on Monday...they have lots of great new contest ideas coming up.  One good idea is that they make each staff member sew for 1 hour each week....no more no less.  Gotta try that.  Met with Country Living on Tuesday...it's their 30th anniversary....okay I am embarrassed. I have the first issue that they put out 30 years ago.  I just love that magazine and now that they have sewing stories. well I am alll over it.

PS....I just finished a one hour Chat session with Fiskars...you know the Scissors folks....they call this group the Fiskateers.....and now I am officially one of them....Cool

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travelbug1237 9/19/2008 10:21:58 AM

HH June,

 I'm so glad to "hear" from you. My goodness WHAT an incredible background you have!!!!

  I have one 'quick question' for you. IS there a 'Brother School' so to speak that us 'newbies' can go to for a week solid ( or 2 or 3!!!Smile ?????

I won a Brother's machine and I don't sew yet, nor ME'd ever before. Please don't tell me to go to the local Brother dealership where I live....been there, done that, and I won't go back.

($75 per hour for private lessons for starters etc etc,  and I was told because I 'JUST had the PE 700' - in order for me to 'take their classes on learning to do projects I would need to FIND a sewing machine too and bring 2 machines to class!"  When I asked if I could use any of their used machines or floor models for the sewing part I was told "no."

   I am willing to fly out of state ( or Japan!!! Smile for lessons. Also June,

I have an open invitation to any of my readers on my blog to trade a night at my beach house for a lesson!!!  If you know of anybody who'd like that...let me know!!! Smile

Crash Course Cathy

jalcumbrack 9/20/2008 7:20:47 AM

Hi ,

Well Cathy I have to agree with you about some of the dealers, I have not had good luck with any either. For One, I cannot find a decent Brother dealer anywhere in my area. I was all over Tampa last week,found a Babylock Dealer who was determined to sell me a Babylock,but that is not what I was looking for or wanted.

There is a supposed Brother dealer right here where I live but will not go there!! I have had dealings with them and it wasn't pretty! From what I remember the last time I was in the place, I didn't see any Brother machines.

So as far as Brother dealers so far I am 4&0!! Gas is far too expensive to be all over the place looking for someone who "Still sells a Brother" I was told by several that they used to sell them,but no longer do for various reasons, none of them good. That raised another whole set of questions for me.

I don't have a Brother and was going to look at some,but could not find ANY! My machine Went to heck on me this week,so unless someone wants to "give" me a machine, my ME'ing days are over until I can afford another machine.With the economy  and the fact I am on a fixed income that is dwindleing faster than I can say boo!,that may be a very long time.

So Cathy, I have not had good dealings with Any dealers either, I am beginning to think that none of the dealers that sell anything any more are in the customer service business any more. They promise you the moon and stars when you are buying a machine,then once you do, they don't seem to remember who you are. That is very sad to me.

Cathy, Pack up your machine and come on over for a week and I will show you how to use that machine!!

Glad to have you blogging June, I think we can all learn a lot from you.



I am sorry to hear you cannot find a GOOD Brother dealer.

I know the one in Tacoma, WA is great. They answer all sorts of questions. They take their time with the customers, if you are just looking, they say "ok" and leave you to it, but if you have any questions they take the time to answer.

I know they want to encourage you to buy a machine there, but they do help you with your if you have questions.I am not sure about free lessons. I know they have free forever lessons if you buy your machine there, and they are willing to help you with your machine.

Cathy, I am no expert, but I will help with what I can.. I am not too far from you.


Judy, one other thing... have you tried Craig's list for a machine? I have seen the Brother 4000D for $1000.00.

Just a thought..


jalcumbrack 9/23/2008 6:47:57 AM


You are one of the lucky ones for sure with a great dealer like that close to you.

What I am saying  really is that no matter what machine it is, there are many dealers out there that are not good at all. I got toasted on the Janome I bought. For a lot of dealers, their motto is sell them anything,promise them anything ,then when you do ,somehow they don't remember they promised you anything. This type of dealer, the only bottom line they have is to to get your money,after that ,they don't care.

I am sure there are good ones out there, so far I haven't found them and unfortunatly I don't have the means to fly or drive to WA to get one, or go back and forth to have the machine serviced.

When I bought my Janome, I specifically asked them about classes to learn their software and their digitizing program, and asked it they came with buying the machine, they said YES. The next time I went in to find out about the classes for the software, they looked at me like I was crazy, then said yes we have classes for that and it is $85.00 per class. I then told them that this person had said they came with the machine, and she actually laughed at me, then was politely told that she was mistaken. To say the least it went south from there.

Had I known this, I likely would not have bought the machine. Then later,(too late) we discovered that there were no updates for this software. We now have Vista on our computers,the software is usless. We contacted them about this and were told that we would have to spend another 1300.00$ for new software..... See what I mean. So yeah ,you can say I am on my guard now.

Also, I don't have 1000.00 right now for anything, and not likely to happen any time soon. We are on a fixed income which makes it even more difficult to save anything, and was really hoping to be able to make a payment plan for one.

After last week looking at the way things are going on wall street, we need to hang on to every cent we have. I think we are going to need it.

So yes, like I said , it is not just Brother Machines, it is most dealers I have had contact with, but then I live in Florida,where taking older folks to the cleaners on just about everything is an olympic sport! Sad but true! I went to the one here, was asking about a machine they had in the place, she could not answer one question about it. I have also had dealings with them in the repair area as well, we won't go there!!LOL So I won't go somewhere where they cannot answer any question about a machine they have on their floor. I don't understand how they could even sell anything, if you don't know your product,how could you?? That is all I am saying, so please don't take offense and think I am just talking about Brother machines, oh no ,it is many other brands as well.



I agree with you.. most dealers that sell ANYTHING are that way... I also agree that if they cannot explain it, don't go there or buy it there.

I guess I was just saying that I AM lucky to have a dealer that is a good one.

I did not take offense at all.

It is very sad that people take advantage of other people. I know salepeople think that the senior citizens are "not with it" anymore. NOT TRUE...

cme 8^)

I live in South Africa and have a Brother innov'is 700e

and bought my machine from Brother & Empisal in Pinetown kzn , I was given lessons by Gori  who owns the shop and have had nothing but the best of services and lessons and any help I require from her.  If there is anyone in Kwazulu Natal South Africa who requires help I would advise you buy your machine from her and she will do her best  to give you lessons

Yvonne Kleinhans

Hi June i have a inovis 700E I do not have a dealer in my area and I find I cannot use other brand of threads and I can only use schmel needles this is very frustrating because I have nowhere in my area to buy just brother products I am from Australia by the way any help you can give me would be great

Hi all, I am now the owner of brother 700e had it for 6 weeks, then it started to get problems took it to the shop 120 km from where i live she told I had used it to many hours a day, She had to send it to the service guy ,I gave her the machine with my hoop. The service is 500km from here and the only one in the state where I live, took 3 weeks when I got it back hoop was missing the lady in the shop can not remember receiving it, and it is not in my house have gone through every thing 3 times, a new hoop was on the order this is now going on for 3 more weeks as they do not have it here. when I get it nobody knows.

I did enjoy using my machine but have not been taught how to use it only learning from programs on the internet.

Aase Irene  Western Australia

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