King Star Metallic Thread + 70% off = Fantastic Patriotic Projects (Plus Metallic Thread Tips)

What makes Independence Day Designs even better? A 70% off sale and King Star metallic!

Don’t let metallic thread scare you. King Star is highly rated to be very user friendly. The sparkle adds an extra touch to designs plus, you can get free shipping on thread orders!

If you are stitching with metallic thread and are having issues embroidering, try these tips:

Slow Down the Machine

Reduce the speed of your embroidery sewing machine and you will have less thread breaks.

Reduce Tension

Machine tension may also need to be relaxed to lessen pull on the thread as it is stitching.

Use the Right Needle

Use a metallic or topstitch needle. They have a longer (and larger) eye that reduces friction on the metallic thread and helps to prevent fraying. Also, don’t be afraid to pop a new needle on your machine at the beginning of a project.

Relax the Thread

Being wound on a spool affects how the thread performs, especially with metallic blends. The distance between the spool and the machine can alleviate curling and thread breaks.

Use a thread stand or drop your thread over the edge of a table and put it in a cup on the floor. Then, thread your machine as usual. That gives the thread an opportunity to relax before it reaches the machine.

Still having trouble? Sometimes, turning the thread spool the opposite way on the spool pin makes a difference too.

Debbie SewBlest

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