Keeping It Simple – Charm Square Baskets 3

I’ll bet you can think of a million different uses for these darling little baskets and, since they are so fast and simple, you could easily make a million of them! The tiny embroidered stippled bottoms add interest as well as stability.  A great way to use up those leftover (or not) charm squares.  I made these fairly tiny (I was thinking buttons, bobbins, pins), but you could certainly adjust them to any size desired. 

Here is what you need:

-5x5 squares of scrap fabrics or leftover charm squares (2 per basket)-just use larger squares if you’d like to make larger baskets

-5x5 squares of thin batting (1 per basket)-or cut to match size of fabric squares if making larger baskets

-tear away stabilizer (you can use cut away or rinse away if you choose)

-embroidery floss

-poly or rayon 40 wt embroidery thread to match or contrast in both the top and the bobbin

-stippling design (you can download ours at the very bottom of the blog)

Here is what you do:

1.       Put batting on flat surface.  Stack inner square face up on top of batting.  Stack outer fabric square face down on top of stack. 

2. Sew ¼” seam all the way around stack of squares, leaving a 2 ½” opening in center of one side.    Trim corners. 

Reach in between 2 pieces of fabric and turn right side out (batting should now be in the middle, between the 2 fabrics). Use a dull edge pencil or tool to push out the corners.

3.       Fold in the edges of the fabric at the opening and press.  Top sew 1/8” all the way around the square to secure.

4.       Measure in 1” from each side and pin a template of your design, or mark a square.

5.       Hoop the stabilizer.  Center your square of fabric in the hoop and pin at corners, making sure the pin heads will not be in the way of the sewing foot of the machine.

6.       Slide hoop in the machine, check the center, remove template and embroider the design.

7.       Remove hoop from machine and detach stabilizer from fabric (if you want the stabilizer completely removed from the bottom of your basket, use rinse away stabilizer and allow fabric to dry completely and press before moving to step 8).


8.       Fold corners of squares by pinching the upper edges along each corner and pin about ½” from each corner.

9.       Using 2 strands of embroidery floss, make a few stitches at the pin in each corner.

10.   Remove the pins and enjoy your tiny fabric box.

These are the perfect size for storing tiny treasures, and containing the chaos around your sewing or craft area.  They would make great favor gifts for a sewing or ladies’ event too.

Take care,


Charm Basket stipple (23.4KB)

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