Zip-Around Pouches for High Tech Devices

Zip-Around Pouches for High Tech Devices

     Individual characters (letters, numbers and punctuation marks) from my alphabets can
be found on my Stock Design Page.  My designs are also available in packs, as described in
this blog.  Those can be found here.  For designs and packs available in multiple sizes,
choose the size you want in the drop down menu box.

     I bet you thought I was done with Zip-Around Pouch variations.  I thought I was
done, too, until I had one more pouch to make.  My sisters, brother, and I bought
our mother an internet tablet for her birthday.  It has an e-reader application,
computer games, and other fun activities.  Of course her device needed a nice soft
pouch.  Carol to the rescue!

     I gave Mom a choice of a few embroideries.  She hadn't seen jumbled Contour
t letters and liked the look.  She also asked for a wrist strap for the pouch.
I decided to make the strap removable.  The loop in the side seam of the pouch has
a swivel clip, so that Mom can remove the wrist strap and attach something else in
the future.

e-book pouch front

     Finally, Mom asked for a pocket for the power cord and usb cable.  I gave the
pocket accordion folded corners so that it will lie flat when empty.

e book pouch side view

I attached the pocket on sides and bottom only, so that the area behind the pocket
can also be used as a pocket.  The pocket has a flap with Velcro(R).

e-book pouch back open

     The PDF file (available here) includes patterns for three sizes of pouch.  It
shows the sizes of fabric to cut for each, and the finished sizes of the pouches.
Remember that the zipper pull prevents the bag from opening to the full width,
so you need your bag to be wider than your device.  Mom's 4 1/2" x 9" tablet fits in
E-Device 1, an Amazon Kindle(TM) (about 5 1/2" x 8") fits in E-Device 2, and an Apple
iPad(R) (about 7 1/2" x 9 1/2") fits in E-Device 3.  The PDF also includes the pattern
for the accordion pocket.  I suggest you open the document before printing, so that
you can see which pages you want to print.  Also be sure to turn off all sizing options
in your PDF viewer before printing.

     Click here to download the instructions for making and attaching the Accordion
Pocket.  The swivel clip loop and wrist strap are included in the instructions.  The
instructions for the pouch are the same as for the Zip-Around Eyeglass Case, found here.

     By the way, make sure your zipper is at least 4" longer than the top edge of the
pouch.  The Zip-Around Eyeglass Case instructions do not provide for the wider sizes.

Comments (2) -

what a great project,what contour size has been used in this project??


Thank you, Susana.  I used the 60 mm size for this pouch.  The actual letters are smaller, but 60 mm is the size at which I digitized the rectangles surrounding the letters.  See the Guide to Contour Print for more information about sizing.

If you jumble the letters as I did here, you can remove the rectangles first.  I have a second set of the alphabet, for which I added "unboxed" to the folder name.  I now can use those letters without having to remove the rectangles first.  I have the originals, too, for when I want to arrange text neatly on a line.


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