New Zip-Around Pouch Size with Loops

     Individual designs can be found on my Stock Design Page.  My designs are also
available in packs, as described in this blog.  Those can be found here.  For designs and
packs available in multiple sizes, choose the size you want in the drop down menu box.

     In my previous blog, I introduced my swirl designs and Zip-Around Pouches.  The pouches
are constructed the same as my Zip-Around Eyeglass Cases, but have a wider area for embroidery.
You may wonder why the pouch patterns I offered were labeled Medium and Large.  The Small size
was waiting for its turn and now it is ready.  Here is a picture of all three sizes.  I am sure one of them
will be "just right" for your needs, as Goldilocks would say.

3 pouch sizes

     I made the new pouch using the V_15_5-color_95 design.  The file name indicates that the
design has 15 repeats of the V shape.  There are five colors in the design.  The design's largest
dimension is 95 mm.  Since it fits in the 100 x 100 mm hoop, any embroidery machine can handle it.

     By the way, did you happen to notice the black zipper pull on the pink zipper?  I didn't
have a zipper in a color I wanted but did have lots of half zippers left from previous pouches.
I found a package of black zipper pulls that happened to fit the zipper tape.  I was very happy
to fill the immediate need, and now I can use the many other zipper halves floating around my
sewing table.  Yay!

     Now, back to the pouch:  The next picture shows that there is a loop on the back of the
pouch, with a snap for opening and closing the loop.  I can attach the pouch to a cabinet handle,
a stroller frame, or around the strap of a purse or bag.

denim front and back

     I made another small pouch, this time with a belt loop on the back.  The design is
V_12_3-color_96.  There are 12 repeats of the V shape in 3 colors, and the design fits in
the same hoop as the previous design.

navy front and back

     Click here to download the pattern for the Small Zip-Around Pouch.  It includes the

positioning marks for both kinds of loops.  Instructions for making and attaching the loops
are here.  See my Fancy Swirls blog for information about the other pouch sizes and the
instructions for making the pouches.  Click here to see the Swirls collection. The swirls collections 
include a pdf file with A Guide to Fancy Swirls.

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Love these ideas!


Thank you ccf201 and Pat.  Have fun with the pouches.


Thank you, these are so neat and different.



You are welcome.  Will you make a few for yourself and friends?


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