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Keeping It Simple – Getting the Right Design to the Machine

Keeping It Simple – Getting the Right Design to the Machine

Getting the right design into your machine is a most important part of enjoying your embroidery experience.  I have been using an embroidery machine for so long that lots of things have become second nature and I just do them without thinking.  Like viewing designs using the Brother PED-Basic and transferring them to some of my machines via the included memory card.  If you have a Brother or Baby Lock machine with a card reader slot then this is the perfect way to go.


It is so easy, even for a beginning embroiderer or someone who doesn't care for computers.  It's easy to install and simple to use. 


Here are the steps for using PED-Basic once it is installed.

  • Plug the box into your PC USB port and click on the PED-basic icon on your desktop.


  • A screen like this will open.

  • Choose your hoop size by clicking here.

  • Open a browse window by clicking on this button.

  • You can look at designs on the included card or your PC.

  • Find your design folder and click on it.

  • You can now see all the designs in the folder.

  • Select the designs that you want to save to the card and click the arrow.  The bar at the top right tells you how full your card will be.

  • Click on the write to card button to copy the designs to your card.  Go to your machine and embroider.

 Being able to see your designs and get them to you machine is the most important thing but PED-Basic does some other nice things as well.


Use this bar to resize your design before you save it


Preview in hoop or in zoom


View the design thumbnails in a larger size


View your design with color list, number of colors, height and width and stitch count.  Then print a full size image and color list.


The PED-Basic will even tell you if the design is too big for the hoop.

Remember PED-Basic is for the PES format only - so perfect for use with any Brother or Baby Lock machines.

With PED-basic you can browse the designs you download and store on your PC with ease.  Just pick the ones you want for the project you have in mind and you are ready to embroider.  I know this is not my normal type of blog topic but I thought it might be helpful since on of the biggest complaints I hear from new embroiderers (as well as some very seasoned ones) is that they have difficulty making sure they get the right design from their PC to their machine. 

However you browse and save your designs have fun embroidering this year.

Take care,


PS:  The puppy goes home today.  Yeah!

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Excellent Blog!

When I first got my PED Basic, it was so easy to use that I thought I must have missed something. . . But, it really is easy to use!

Once, I changed the size and could not figure out why I was having trouble seeing my designs.  (They were all crossed out).  I just needed to change the hoop size and everything was fine.  So, if you run into trouble, check that first.


sewhappyquilter 1/31/2010 10:27:16 AM

I got a PED BASIC for my birthday just before Christmas and had nothing but trouble from the start. All I got was error mesages and found out its not vista compatable if you update regularly as is advised for smooth computer operation. If you have Vista Windows this is NOT the program for you. I even called brothers and did everything they told me to do and downloaded their latest updates, in the end I had to return it and now have PE-Design Lite and love it! It may be one of the best programs out there, I wouldn't know, but this I do know CHECK WINDOWS PROGRAM COMPATABLITY before purchasing and you can't go wrong.

conniepate 2/6/2010 2:45:28 PM

My name is Connie and I am veeeery new to this.  But as you all remember when you first got started - lots of energy and then only to get frustrated in the end.  I  had a brother 350 and decided I need a bigger machine.  Just got the 700II.  Now I can not load the design from my computer to the machine.  I was able to download one, but then I couldn't the others.  I have only been downloading the freebies so that I can learn first.  

Am I doing something wrong?  I have only tried to download PES files.  I have vista - I am wondering if this is my problem - like the previous person was having.  

Please help - so excited to use my machine and now can't!!!   Love the machine for what it already has, but want to learn more.    

PS - at present I do not have any software - wanting to get use to what I have before I add on.  My main goal is gifts for family and friends.

Hi Connie,

We are sorry to hear you are having problems downloading designs.  We have sent you an e-mail regarding this.

Thank you

AnntheGran support

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