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It sure has been a busy monthStick out tongue....On December 10, I took the plunge and had toe surgery....I had two hammertoes that required a bit of slicing and dicing.  That meant I hobbled around with "the big boot" for a few weeks and then I got to don the "little boot." I had to chuckle the other day when the doctor told me that I could start to rummage around my closet for a pair of shoes that might fit....ha, ha!  I will be walking on an uneven plain for a while I am sure!  One foot has the nice shoe and the other has "the little boot." 

At any rate having my "big boot" did not stop me from going to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on January 5.  I went for several reasons: to work in the Brother booth and do all kinds of media and secondly to take part in Mommy Tech.  MT was about how to reach  and teach the Mommies.  At first I was nervous about this prospect.  How could I feel comfortable on a panel with "mommies"?  Then it dawned on me that I had plenty to offer.  After all, did I not just finish my BA online and get my braces removed?  So what if my "children" are really my "grandchildren"? According to one set of statistics shared "mommies could be 53 years old."  I  felt better, I could definitely find something to talk about and of course I did and so there I was with the bloggers and branders.  My theme followed how easy it was to get into business with the Brother Entrepreneur PR-650. The audience loved my presentation and came up to me afterwards to get more insight from me about how the younger mommies want to get into business and to what degree they want to be in business.  After all, they do have other responsibilites.  A thing to note is that the Gen X generation does support each other in so many ways.

My DIL has her embroidery business on ETSY which is a site for crafters to sell there wares from and my niece bought her Dr. Seuss themed crib bedding on ETSY.  There was so much happening at this show that it is hard to recap in a blog.  Suffice it to say, if it is new in electronics, it is at CES and if you don't have a flat screen, what are you waiting for?  Okay don't take that personally, we only have one at our house and it is the little drop down TV in my kitchen and trust me it does not qualify. 

One interesting thing did happen in our booth, we had some processes filmed in 3-D.  That is definitely an up and coming way of seeing things.  It took forever for the cameramen to set up but it was interesting.  We will get to see how theading the needles looks with 3D imaging in a few weeks.    

How many of you are Facebook?  It never ceases to amaze me at how many "friends" some people have on facebook.  My DIL has about 200.  It is an interesting way to keep up with folks, that is for sure. I followed the entire process of our niece creating her Dr. Seuss baby nursery on Facebook. 

Apparently there are lots of ways to do that and one is thru the "fan" process.  Just today, Brother opened up Facebook page under Brother Sews.  Take a minute after you read my blog and click on the hyperlink and see what we have done.   

 Take a look at the page and become a fan!



Click here to open the Brother Sews Facebook Page


Since Christmas we have already celebrated 3 birthdays.  Honest....my father in law turned 90 on Dec. 27 and my husband and our son had their days in January.  Hard to believe that we had to mark our oldest son's birthday with a surprise party...do I have to say how old he was?  Suffice it to say, he was born after the Summer of Love.  At any rate it was fun to see so many old friends and recount the events of yester year. I gathered over 200 photos and put them in my digital photo frame for our son's birthday party. To add to the fun, I added captions to most of the photos so that people watching would have an idea of what the photo was about.   It was so much fun to have everyone share the background of some of the photos as well.  Who knew that when the boys woke up after camping in the red tent in our backyard that they rode their BMX bikes downtown to check out what was new. Boys....what can I say?  I am sure there are a lot more stories that have not been told.  

So before my next blog....become a fan of Brother Sews on facebook and watch the new season of Project Runway



Happy Sewing!



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thecomputerist 1/23/2010 4:47:15 PM

You are amazing and live such an exciting life - toe excluded. . . .

Attending that CES must have been mind boggling with all there must have been to see.  I envy you so much!

I too have a site at Etsy, it is really a great place to sell embroidery items.  If anyone is thinking about selling their embroidery, you can get my "How Much to Charge" right here at AnnTheGran.   Check it out:  www.annthegran.com/Product.aspx?t=1&i=23931">www.annthegran.com/Product.aspx

Best wishes to you and yours, Pat, The Computerist (aka The Avid Embroiderer)

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