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I have been dog sitting a five month old puppy for the last 2 weeks.  Sage is pretty good, but she is definitely all puppy.  And Big! Ok, I admit I am used to small dogs - Papillons, which are usually 7-10 pounds.  So, when this pretty Brittany Spaniel jumped in my lap right behind the little Cosmo early one morning and sent my coffee flying I was quite shocked.  She loves my sewing room but there is one problem - she can reach anything she wants very easily.  So, everything has been moved to a higher level.  Now she just sits and watches as the machine hums away, mesmerized.   

Here is an easy Art -To-Go tote that provides a great solution to entertaining small children when out on the road. It is sure keep them busy for at least for a little while. Perfect when in restaurants and other places where they need occupied for a time.

This one is made from an old valance that we no longer needed.  There are spots for crayons, chalk and paper and a built-in chalk mat.  The small size makes it easy to throw in the diaper bag or purse.

This would be a great birthday present or Christmas gift for any child in your life...niece, nephew, cousin, grandson, or granddaughter. Their parents will be sure to thank you!

Here are the basic instructions:

 What you need:

 11"X19" rectangle  fabric for outside

11"X19" rectangle fabric for inside

11"X19" fusible interfacing

8"X19" fabric for pockets

5"X8.5" chalkboard fabric rectangle

Ribbon to make tie

Embroidery design of your choice

Tear-away stabilizer

 What to do:

Step 1:  Iron the interfacing to the wrong side of one of the fabric rectangles.

Step 2:  Fold the front short ends in 1/2" on each end of front and back fabrics.  Press.  Fold in thirds to make book and press to create 3 sections.

Step 3: Place the pressed front right side up.  Hoop and embroider the design of your choice on the top half of the right third of the front.  Tear away the stabilizer.

Step 4:  Place the pressed back right side up.  Sew the chalkboard, centered, on the right third.

Step 5:  With wrong sides together fold the pocket in half lengthwise.  It should now measure 4"X19". Matching the raw edges pin to the bottom of the right side of the inside fabric covering part of the chalkboard.  Sew 1/4" from edge around the sides and bottom.

Step 6:  Mark crayon pockets 1" apart down center third.  Mark pocket for chalk on right third 1" apart.  Sew down these marked lines to create pockets.


Step 7:  With right sides together and tops aligned pin and sew the front to the back. Sew 1/2" seam all around leaving an opening at the bottom to turn right side out.  Turn right side out. (Be careful it is easy to do this backwards or upside down)

Step 8:  Press the opening closed and topsitch all around your tote 1/8" from edge.

Step 9.  Attach ribbon to the fold as shown.

I made more of these and I know I took pictures but this is the only other I can find..  Chalk it up the Christmas rush and if I find them I will post them in the gallery. 


To download the little dragonfly click here.

 Take care,


PS.  Sage may go home this weekend.  Although Cosmo will be glad we will always remember the laughter she brought to our home while she was here.

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Love this project and photo with Sadie!  Thank you also for the dragonfly file!  We have a Shih Tzu puppy so we can relate to her getting into places she shouldn't, but being much taller does present its challenges.

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