More Tags!

More Tags!

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I recently made and sent luggage tags for my daughter and some of her friends.  One of the friends then commissioned me to make a tag to attach to a gift she will be giving this Christmas.  She asked me to add a second buttonhole so the tag can be fastened securely to the gift, like a name plate.  (I won't mention the gift, just in case Dustin reads this blog.)  Here is the name plate I stitched for the gift for Dustin:

Dustin tag

My friend Pam had an idea for another use for the name plate.  She embroidered a Santa design and then threaded a candy cane through the holes.  She hung her candy cane on her Christmas tree as an ornament but could also use it as a party favor.  She also thought of tying a name plate to a jar of goodies with a ribbon, with the embroidery identifying the contents and/or recipient of the jar.

Last week I found a temporary ID badge at home.  A small clip for fastening the badge to clothing had been snapped onto the badge with a little strip of plastic.  (Such ID Badge Clips are available in office supply stores.)  Seeing the clips gave me the idea of transforming my luggage tags into name tags.

I moved the buttonhole on the oblong luggage tag so that names can be read horizontally as the tag would be worn.  This shape will work well for long names.  I arranged my name with Contour Print 40 for the tag shown below:

Nine or ten Contour Print 20 letters will fit in the same width.  Since the buttonhole is now above, rather than beside, a name, longer names will work for the name tag than for the same shape of luggage tag.  Here is a simulated view of a long name arranged in an oblong name tag.

Christopher name tag

I also created a tag in a more typical name tag shape.  On the tag shown below, I "jumbled" my name with Contour Print 40 letters.  (See my How to Jumble guide for more information on arranging letters in this fashion.)  The slight overlap allows me to use larger letters in a smaller width than I can fit with normal letter spacing.  I embroidered the outline to match the fabric so that just the name pops out.  I quite like the look.

Carol jumble name tag

All three new tags are available here.  Follow the instructions offered in my previous blog for the new tags.  Look in the paragraph following the photo of the square tags. Wouldn't these be fun to make for all your sewing friends?

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thecomputerist 12/11/2009 8:20:21 PM

Great ideas!


the candy cane ornament could also make a cute napkin ring for a holiday table setting

Thank you for the great tags and ideas!

I have been making luggage tags for my clients with their initials for Christmas from your original post and I just love them. Thanks for the design and project idea.

Very nice ideas.  I like the candy cane ornament/party favor.

Hello Pat, Mamarocky, g_robb53, catsewin and SherryID,

Thank you all for the kind words about my tags.

I also thought about making napkin rings from the name plate (candy cane embroidery).  I thought sewing two buttons together like cuff links might be an easy way to make a ring from a tag, but haven't tried it yet.

Making luggage tags for clients is a great idea.  I'm sure the clients will appreciate the tags, yet they are quick to make.


Hi Carol,

We miss hearing from you,anything new on the way??

How about a sales or promtions on your jumbles??

Appreciate a reply



Hi, Susana

I am working on a new blog and hope to have it ready to post soon.  Watch this space!


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