Keeping it Simple - Puppy Love and Gingerbread Man Coasters

I have to tell you a story of love at first sight.  I have to tell you the story of Keiko.  She is one of the newest members of the family (kind of).  We have two dogs at our house - a sixteen year old Pomeranian mix and an almost two year old Papillon.  So do we need another dog - most certainly not!   Cosmo is about as energetic as a young dog can be and Nikki requires a lot of extra care.  But I tell you I fell in love with Keiko the very instant that I saw her.  My neighbor is very involved in Shih Tzu rescue.  She asked me to walk Keiko along with Cosmo and in less than five minutes I lost my heart.  No kidding.  I walked home saying to myself "I just have to have her."  And then reason kicked in and I knew there was no way that I could handle THREE dogs.  Knowing this but not wanting to let her go I decided to take her to see my mother.  Wouldn't you know she fell in love in less than five minutes as well!  She insisted that she had to keep her right then and there.  No lie - in less than five minutes!  Well, needless to say this was a great solution for everyone.  Little Keiko found a home the second day after her arrival at the foster home, my mom has a new best friend and I get to see Keiko any time I like. 

Another thing I love is the gingerbread man.  Here is a quick project using one that you can download.  My granddaughter loves tea parties so I am planning a gingerbread one.  Everything should be quick and simple and these just fit the bill.  But this guy would look great on a snack bag (coming in my next blog) or a kitchen towel as well.

 Gingerbread men

What you need for each coaster:

  • The gingerbread man design -Click here to download
  • Light color Background fabric to be cut after embroidery.
  • Brown Fabric for the gingerbread man (approximately 6" tall by 5" wide).
  • Brown Embroidery thread.
  • Another color embroidery thread for the first two outlines and the face.
  • Tear-away stabilizer.
  • 6" square of very thin batting.
  • Brown sewing thread.
  • Temporary adhesive spray if desired.

What you do:

Step 1

Cut a rectangle of background fabric large enough to hoop in the 5x7 hoop remembering that the finished cut after embroidery will be 6"x6".

Cut a piece of stabilizer larger than the 5x7 hoop.

Hoop the stabilizer and the fabric.

Wind a bobbin with the brown thread (you want this color for both bobbin and top thread)

Step 2

Embroider the first color to place an outline of the gingerbread man on the fabric.

Place the brown rectangle of fabric on top covering all the outline.

(use a little adhesive spray around the edges if desired)

Embroider the second color (you do not have to change the thread for this)

Using small sharp embroidery scissors closely cut around the outside of the second color outline.

Embroider the third color.

Embroider the last color.

Step 3

Remove the fabric from the hoop.  Remove the stabilizer.  Press

Cut the embroidered rectangle down to 6"x6"

 Step 4

Cut another piece of the background fabric 6"x6".

Place on the table face up.  Place the embroidered piece on top face down.  Place the batting on top of this.

Using ¼" seam sew all the way around the sandwich square leaving an opening to turn.

Trim the corners and any excess batting.  Turn right side out so that the batting is in the middle.  Whip stitch the opening shut.

 Step 5

Sew across the corners with plain or decorative stitches or sew around the edge about 1/8" in.

Repeat to make as many as you need.

As you can see I have not finished all mine.  I will try to post a picture of the tea party when it is all set up sometime in December.  In the meantime have fun sewing for the holidays and stay warm.

Take care,


PS.  This is Keiko the sweetest little dog you will ever meet.  Now don't fall in love - she's taken. 


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Sweet...................GBM too!

sewmaryanns 5/5/2010 11:50:00 AM

Since I collect pigs I'm going to make mine with peig embroidered on them. Thanks for the neat idea.

this is such a clever idea.  thank you

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