Wine Gift Tote Project

Listed below is the design used in this project

Enjoy Wine Tote CD110811FI

Wine Gift Totes Design Pack

Embroidery & Sewing machine
• Iron & Ironing board
• 1 - 14” x 14 ½” Fabric
• 1 – 3 ¼” x 10” rectangle in matching fabric
• 2 - 5” diameter circles in matching fabric
• 1 - 4 ¼” diameter circle in matching fabric
• 1 - 14” x 14 ½” piece of cutaway backing
• Thread to match fabric
• Scissors
• Fabric marker
• Straight pins
• Dowel
• Ruler

Step 1:
Lay your fabric face down, measure out the following with fabric marker, and then cut them out.
 1 – 14” x 14 ½” piece
 1 – 3 ¼” x 10” piece
 2 – 5” diameter circles
 1 – 4 ¼” diameter circle
Also cut 1 – 3 ¾” cardboard circle

Cut each of them out and set aside.

Step 2:
Mark the center point of the 14” wide x 14 ¼” high piece of fabric. Place the fabric on top of the cutaway backing and hoop it.
Embroider the wine gift tote design in the center of the fabric.

Step 3:
Place 1 of the 5” circles on each side of the cardboard piece. Make sure the cardboard
piece is centered between the fabrics.
Pin the 2 pieces of fabric together close to the cardboard piece.

Step 4:
Sew a straight stitch around the outside of the cardboard piece connecting next to the cardboard

Step 5:
Fold the 3 ¼” x 10” piece of fabric in half with right sides together.
Iron the fabric. Pin the fabric along the 10” side.

Step 6:
Sew a 3/8” seam along the 10” side. Using a dowel turn the fabric inside out.

Step 7:
Iron the fabric again with the seam facing up in the center.

Optional: Sew a straight stitch along each end of the handle.

Step 8:
Fold the main part of the tote with the wrong side out and pin along the side.

Sew a ¼” seam along the side leaving the top and bottom of the tote open.

Step 9:
Fold down each side of the seams fabric and iron to lay flat.

Step 10:
Pin the 4 ¼” circle inside the bottom of the
tote and sew a seam around the inside.

Step 11:
Now you will complete the top of the tote and add the handle. The handle will be placed on the sides of the tote.
Fold over the top of the tote fabric over ¾”.
Place one side of the handle under the fold on the side of the tote. Pin the handle and the rest of the folded fabric around the tote leaving a space open for the other side of the handle directly across from
the inserted handle and sew the fold until you reach the other side.

Step 12:
Pin the other side of the handle under the fold and
continue sewing until completed.

Step 13:
Turn the tote inside out. Fold the handle up and pin.

Step 14:
Sew each side of the handle to the sides of the tote to secure it.

Step 15:
Insert the cardboard fabric piece into the tote for the bottle to rest on.

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