It's A Guy Thing!

Sometimes, there is absolutely no hope for dressing guys - forget about taking them out in public!Angry


Then there is this guy, he is actually robbing a bank. . . . Surprise


 And last, but not least, the ones that 'got away.'  (Yuck!Ick!)

  I cannot do anything about those guys, but I can help with a gift for the favorite Dad in your life!

 How many times have you wanted to create a terrific item for a male in your life but had trouble finding a project or a design?

I always knew girls rule, but when it comes to embroidery, the male of the species are just barely noticeable. Or, am I just not looking at it correctly?

All men get a Father's Day nod including the good, bad, the ugly and  the rest of the men who make us happy, smiling and proud every day of the year.

One way to show a man that he is appreciated might be to do a special pillow just for him.  I was thinking about a lumbar pillow for his soothing back support.

These are especially easy to make, especially if you use a cover and fill that is washable.  I have tossed my 'toss' pillows in the washer and dryer and they are just fine.

AnnTheGran has a lot of great designs for men.  The trick is to consider what yours is most interested in!  For instance, I did a Search for: fishing and found this one:

And to go along with it, I got this one (a freebie):

freebie fish:

 Which will create something like this:


How about something for a really NEW DAD! 

That TERRIFIC new dad design is a freebie right here :

 Thanks for reading my blogs.  AnnTheGran's Site is a great place to learn. Support where you learn!


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LOVE the baby design. What a great idea!

Sometimes, dads get left out of the focus of a new baby. This is a great way to show them just how important they are.

I agree, Sewblest!  I actually envisioned this in his office, framed and proudly presented.

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

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Embroidering Lace Needle Knowledge
Quick and Easy Sample Book

Quick and Easy Sample Book

   WoulPageMelodydn't it be great if you could turn your sew-outs into a well-presented sample book? One that you could use to seel from, or just to show off your workmanship? You can!claire

It's easy, inexpensive and quick to use some of your existing stitch-outs that had been relegated to the rag bag for this project. If the stitching looks good on some of the samples, they could be candidates for your sample book. The fabric type isn't important as long as it is clean and unwrinkled. The edges will be covered.

In the examples on this page, the frames used are scrapbook frames. They can be purchased at scrapbook specialty stores or in the scrapbook section of larger craft stores. They come in many shapes, colors and sizes - and you can buy them in assortment packs. There is one that will be suitable for almost any embroidery that you want to show off!

I print descriptions on plain paper or cardstock and then glue the embroidery and frame to the paper. Slip the whole thing inside a high-quality sheet protector punched for a three-hole binder. Make several pages and load them into an appropriate binder that suits your style.

I even made a page with a sample shirt cuff! This is a good way to show your lettering font styles, as well as your showpiece embroideries. They stay clean, and it's a portable way to show people yor best work. Keep a sample book in your car - you never know when you might need it.



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Great idea!  I've had friends ask what I've been stitching lately and if already given as gifts I don't have examples to show.  Also would be quick reference so you would know how a certain size looks on samples such as sleeves.   I think I'll call it my "Brag Book".

Thanks for helping us home stitcher's learn the tricks of the trade.  

sandy venezia

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