Keeping It Simple- Lollipop Covers In-the-Hoop

I am convinced that clutter multiplies all by itself.  I have been trying to clean closets and drawers and am amazed at the number of bags we have to give to the local charity.  Not to mention how many times I have filled the recycle and trash bins with stuff that someone "just had to keep".  I think they should create a national spring cleaning holiday to keep this clutter bug in its place. 

Ok, enough of that!  Let's talk about something more fun like embroidery.  As soon as it is warm enough, we will have our spring tea party for the girls and a few of their friends.  It is always a fun event on the back porch.  Our eldest picked pink and purple for the theme colors (anyone surprised?).  For a centerpiece we are going to cover some lollipops using their initials.  These are simple and we can put them in a Styrofoam filled pot like flowers.  At least that is the idea - we haven't finished enough to try it yet.

But I thought I would share the In-the-hoop lollipop project with you this week anyway.  It might make a good little Easter or spring gift.  They are very quick and easy.  Put whatever design or initial you like in yours. 

What you need:

  • Two Squares of felt about 3.5"-4"
  • Stabilizer (I used light weight cut-away)
  • Embroidery thread
  • Small design for in the lollipop frame
  • Lollipop in-the-hoop frame design (click here to download the frame)

What you do:

1. Load the small design into your machine.

2. Hoop the stabilizer.

3. Center the felt square on top (you can secure the corners with a little temporary adhesive if you wish - I did not need to do this on my machine.).

4. Embroider the design.

5. Load the lollipop in-the-hoop frame into your machine.  Embroider the first color only.

6. Slide the second felt square under the hoop matching the edges up with the one on top.

7. Embroider the second color using the same color thread as you did in the first one.

It should look like this when you are done:


8. Remove the hoop and carefully cut around the outside of the circle.

9. Insert a lollipop into the opening.

The initials were made using the popular Curley font (an addon font pack) in Alphabet Xpress

The butterfly (from another time) is from Starbird Spring Swirls.

Click here for the little flower design

Now, if I ever get those closets and drawers in order I suppose I will have to do the regular, annual spring cleaning.  You know, windows, woodwork and such.  Of course at the rate I am currently accomplishing the tasks it will have to be renamed summer cleaning.  It's much more fun to sew!

Wishing you a happy Easter.

Take care,


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I have to agree with you, I may have to call it "PreAutumn" cleaning!

I spent an hour this morning cleaning my fountain/bird bath.  I love to hear the water movement.  It is amazing how many critters come to it to find the water.  


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