Teaching African Folklore Embroidery to children

The past four weeks of summer have flown.  For the sixth year in a row I have been teaching children African Folklore Embroidery at a summer art camp. The children from ages 7-11 have from over thirty different arts related classes from which to choose. It is an honor that African Folklore Embroidery is sufficiently regarded as a textile art and mixed media art form to be included in the curricula.

 It has been a real delight to see how each of them have flourished and how much they have enjoyed learning African Folklore Embroidery. From learning to thread a needle do the quilters knot, basic running and chain stitch, progressing onto chain stitch and the stitching on beads and buttons.. While the children have been stitching they have been learning, singing, and humming African songs, which tomorrow they will perform for their parents and other campers.  Each child is so proud of their artwork and cannot wait to show their parents how to stitch. It is these kinds of programs fostering a love of needle arts and motivates a new generation of stitchers. Like riding a bicycle, stitching and needle art are something that one never forgets.  Since all kits include needle, thread and easy to follow instructions these make for great summer projects. It is amazing how easy conversation flows, confidences exchanged and feelings shared when stitching.  

Kits can be purchased at AnnTheGran.com here or www.aflembroidery.com

 The next few weeks are very busy at the African Folklore Embroidery studio.  July 25th is the deadline for entries into the $500 African Folklore Embroidery Challenge. The winner will be announced at the Long Beach International Quilt Festival, July 29th- July 31st and all entries will be on display at the quilt show and again at the American Sewing Guild Conference, Aug 18th- Aug 21st in Los Angeles. Over forty nationally renowned speakers will be teaching and lecturing at the conference along with a wide selection of vendors in the mall. For more details and registration contact: maria@asg.org

 The whole year we tend to rush around from one chore to the next, summer is the time to take time out to be creative, where it is a new hobby or interest you acquire or exposure to a new art form such as African Folklore Embroidery. Creativity is in each of, we just have to give it permission to flourish.

 To see the selection of the entries for the $500 Challenge, email info@aflembroidery.com



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