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Nine of the Best Internet Sites - IMHO

Nine of the Best Internet Sites - IMHO


The following tips can be used for both Windows XP and Vista.
Operating systems vary. If in doubt, check with your provider and/or technical support.

Here is my version of great Net information and money saving tips and tricks.  I love finding these, and get a lot of my links from highly trusted sources.  I hope you will find something in this group that you are really pleased with.  There are job opportunities and medical sites that you can really use.  I hope you like them!

If there is one thing on the Internet that gets my goat (where did that saying come from??), it is the "Work at Home" jobs that are a lot of nonsense.  There actually are some that are not phony, but how do you find those?  Well, check this site out: is a Better Business Bureau Accredited Member. 

FlexJobs specializes in telecommuting or online positions, advertising more than 2,000 positions.  There is a fee, $14.95 per month or $49.95 per year with a money back guarantee! 

Google Voice is a service that enhances the existing capabilities of your phone. You can access your voicemail online, read automatic transcriptions of your voicemail, create personalized greetings based on who is calling, make cheap international calls, and more using this free service.

There is so much to Google Voice that you just have to look at it to see it all.  Check it out at

Google is working hard at becoming the biggest and best destination for all your needs on the Internet.  This is just one of the things they have!

If you enjoy trying new products, this site may be just what you can benefit from. BZZAGENT creates a connection between consumers and brands to activate word of mouth across social and offline media. It allows for the producer of a product to get feedback, and possibly hidden benefits, from an unpaid, unscripted ethical user, you.

Give  The idea is to be able to get items for you to try, establish yourself as an advocate and have a little fun along the way.

Despite there being a zillion pages of information on the Net, I sometimes have a hard time finding exactly what I want.  Sometimes I get items that are of no interest to me.  For instance, I was trying to find "Paisley" (like the design).  This is what I got from my old standby, Google:

  • 1. the design and related information
  • 2. Internal Audit, Risk Management, Compliance and GRC Software (I have no idea what that meant!!)
  • 3. BRAD PAISLEY New Single "Water" Available Now.

If you have not tried  it is time to do so.  WOW, Brad Paisley did not come up until #7 and that Audit was nowhere to be found.  It really is cleaner and more usable than the others. 

If you enjoy beautiful photos, you can make Bing your home page and every day you will see a different picture with interesting tidbits, just like this one:

Bing in beautiful full color

The search results in your information and when you select the arrow to the right, it gives you the first few lines of your selection.

The Avid Embroiderer Bing Selection

And last, and certainly not least, another of the many features of Bing is that you can 'earn' money with the "Cash Back" Program.  I don't buy a lot on the Net, but when I do, I will be watching for opportunities to 'cash back.'

Do you have CDs, DVDs and Games that you no longer want?  (Who doesn't?) These are movies, games and programs that you or your kids could not wait to get your hands on (remember?).  Well, they may have lost their luster to you, but someone else wants to get their hands on them. 

Simply go to where you will find the opportunity to sell your programs.  Some of the titles are worth $8.00 and up.  Regardless of the earnings, you are not taking that disk into the landfill, and there is benefit in that too.  Check it out, and see if you have titles that still have value.  (I get 10%!!! LOL)

When I found this site, I knew that I had found a treasure trove of money saving data like none other on the Net.  From the ‘Dollar Store' to ‘Savings Experiment:  How to Unclutter a Closet for Under $50' you are going to find ideas that you just may never have thought about.   (I love the selection of "10 Things *** won't tell you.")  That list includes drug companies, auto insurance companies and hospitals" to mention just a few.

Check out and reap the benefits of the preeminent sources of trusted information.  Walletpop does not write it, it selects the best of the best.  There is just about anything you can think of and it is at your fingertips.

It seems like all of us have an interest in saving money with our medical expenses.  I am someone who needs to save every dime.  This web site can find your prescription at the least expensive price.

Type the URL, and include your zip code.  You will get a list of nearby pharmacies that carry generic versions of your drug and show it shows the price as well.

If you are having symptoms that are puzzling you, you will find this next site to be quite helpful for you.  Enter your symptoms and you will get a list of probable causes and treatments.  There is no substitute for good medical treatment, but if your wrist feels a little sore, or you have a mild fever, you might want to check:

Naturally, you will want to check with your medical provider if your symptoms warrant more.  I would never fix my own broken arm, but I am always interested in saving money when possible.

It seems like finding things for kids to do can be a real challenge.  You may have an extensive library of CDs, DVDs and Videos, but those certainly get old after all while.  Keeping children interested in new things is one way that they learn.  Many of the videos or CDs are not just entertainment, and they are informative on various things.

I think that children enjoy videos and books over and over again because they are very comfortable with that which is familiar to them.  When it is time to expand their horizons, you can find something for them at this site.

Free and parent approved for kids at  No surprises at this site.

BONUS TIP:  With vacations just around the corner, don't forget about my blog on finding the best Airline seat available.  Getting a cheaper flight and comfortable seat requires early reservations.

HAPPY EARTH DAY TO ALL!  Remember - -  Save Mother Earth, it is the only planet with chocolate!

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Thank you or all the info.  

thecomputerist 4/18/2010 7:15:46 PM

I do use Bing, and just for fun, I have been 'pre-guessing' what the next photo will be.

In 5 days, I got two (sort of) right.  The first right photo, I thought would be a beach/ocean scene.  It was a bay!!!

The second one I felt was 'right' was I thought it would be people, but not related, like a family.  It was a statue with other statues in the background.

I know those were not exactly right, but it was fun considering what it might be.


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