Embroidered Shirt to Honor a Veteran’s Commitment

Each of our veterans is a true hero who has made a commitment to serve in times of war or peace. Our veterans deserve the full measure of our respect. This project was submitted by Sue Ellen Parker. Sue Ellen used her creative talents to show her loved one and others how proud she was of their dedication and the sacrifices they have made.

Sue Ellen's Description
I decorated a sweatshirt for myself and a shirt for my husband for when we went to Washington, D.C. for the 25th anniversary of the Viet Nam Memorial. My husband co-founded the Tan Son Nhut Association for anyone who was stationed at or passed through the Saigon airport during the war. He was quite surprised by the designs I embroidered and the old patches I sewed on the shirt. When he wore the shirt, he met other veterans who served during the Tet Offensive in 1968. It was quite a conversation piece for him!

Once I had the shirt and sweatshirt, I looked online for various patriotic designs: flags, eagles, etc. I chose the location to place them. Since sleeves are impossible for me to work on as a "newby," that's where I placed the old patches.

What Makes This Project Special?
It was for my husband. He does everything for everyone and never expects anything in return. It was fun surprising him.

Skill Level
Since I'm new to this craft, I'd say a beginner could complete it with patience.

I used embroidery (40-wt.) polyester thread, iron on stabilizer (it's easier for me to use) and shirts we already had.

Time Investment
I worked on and off for about a week and a half about two to three hours a night.

Why I Love This Project
Because my husband needed to know I was proud of him as an Air Force veteran who had been in Viet Nam. It was something all the vets I spoke to around Veterans' Day needed to hear.

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What Would You Do?
As a novice embroiderer Sue Ellen avoided embroidering on the sleeves of her garments. Do you have a special technique for embroidering on hard-to-sew areas like sleeves? Click on the Comments link to share your technique.

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Outstanding job!  

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