The Avid Embroiderer Presents Circles and Bubbles. Hilarious Bubble Bath design.

I had seen this blog about doing ‘circles’ with fabric. I saw that it was complex but the instructions were simple. I like that! Then I thought, what do I do with the circle fabric? A bubble bath came to mind.

For the instructions, & since I don't own a sewing machine at this time, this is one of the links I thought was particularly good on YouTube: 

Who knew that there were so many great bubble bath jokes. If you need a lift, search bubble bath jokes on any Search Engine & laugh until you cry!

BTW, Russia's attack on the Ukraine is about to acknowledge a year has already passed. It is NOT an anniversary. If you missed my freebie for the Ukraine people, you can still get it here: 
It is never too late to hope & care about others. The elderly, children & women are being killed daily. 


bubbles and wrinkles 4x4 11k 8 (244.4KB)