Charity Project - Star Bunting with Polar Fleece Blanket

Every child is precious but sometimes the families of certain little ones face unique challenges. The charity FHCS (Faith Hope & Charity Stitches) has a very special way of sharing their love of sewing and embrodiery. The tiny buntings and quilts they make are a wonderful gift to those babies, keeping them warm all winter long. Karen Munro and the FHCS show us how they serve others, making a difference in the world around them.

Karen's Description
This project is a star bunting, with matching polar fleece blanket, - made from a commercial pattern ~ 9965 Simplicity ~ and embellished with embroidery designs from Ann The Gran. Using polar fleece that we buy on sale - we cut out the pattern and stitch it up. We make as many of these as possible as soon as it gets cold and continue making them through early spring.

Step-by-step Description
Choose pattern pieces - smooth them out and lay them onto the polar fleeces fabric. Cut two pieces for the hooded top, one piece for the tassel, two fronts and one back. We also often cut a polar fleece piece of the same color to make into a blanket to match the bunting. The pattern calls for a 14 inch zipper but we buy them as inexpensively as possible and that often means buying longer ones and cutting them to size. The zipper is the first sewing operation. Leave the zipper it's full length until after installation. right sides tog. stitch front to back - keeping that long zipper tail free. Zig-zag or serge zipper tail to prevent unraveling. Stitch hood pieces tog. with tassel inserted into seam allowance. Turn back raw edge of hood facing and encase elastic to gently gather hood around babies little face. Stitch hood to body. Choose a baby-themed embroidery pattern and work the embroidery to front of bunting and a copy to that little blanket to match.

What Makes This Project Special
We have cold winters here in northern Ohio and the babies we send these buntings to often do not have parents that can afford store bought snow suits in newborn sizes. I personally have made these as gifts to grand children but for the charity we make as many as we can and send them along to babies all winter. The babies don't know we made them and the parents or care takers are grateful for the gifts. The thought of helping a young mom keep her child safely warm ~ warms my heart!

Skill Level
The bunting itself is fairly easy - the instructions for a hooded jacket could be used as easily using buttons or snaps instead of a zipper. This makes the project even easier. I think most sewing enthusiasts that can operate an embroidery machine would find this very easy.

I used the "baby keys" embroidery found at Ann The Gran, polar fleece, standard threads to stitch, my serger,1/4 inch elastic in the hood, a standard 14 inch nylon zipper, colored threads for the embroidery, wash away - or soluble stabilizer for the embroidery work. I sew out embroidery on a little Brother sewing machine that serves me well.This project is just one of several from our charity group. We use embroidery on blankets, quilts, burial layettes and all sorts of items for the babies and children.

Time Investment
Because this is usually a group effort - cutting, stitching , embroidery work - I can only guess that in two hours it could be completed.

Why I Love This Project
The softness and detail attained quickly by adding the embroidery to the polar fleece. Knowing that an infant in Northern Ohio will be cuddled up snuggly this winter and looking cute at the same time - now that's precious!

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What Would You Do?
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