The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Holograms belong everywhere! The Freebie will have you embroidering up a storm! (Not like the storm of Winter 2022)

Recently, I was walking through a department store, and a t-shirt caught my eye. It had a heart-shaped holographic design, and it was a real stunner!! The holograph was the star of the shirt, but embroidery around it could be just what a cool person would be wearing for fun.

I got on the Net and looked for holographic fabric. I don't think I found a fabric, but vinyl will be just fine for this project. I am waiting for it to be delivered. I should have checked the local fabric store, but I was mesmerized by what was on my computer screen. 

Here are some photos of the work of others. I did not find the exact vinyl, but I was delighted to know there were so many great designs to find. 

This is a general layout of the parts. Not all of the films have adhesive, but otherwise, they are the same.

This is a sample of the address labels, at least, I think it is. These would be adhesive and about the correct size. You do need to determine if the film is "inkable." Meaning it can be printed or written on successfully. 

This film is about as flexible as paper. I don't know all the ins & outs, but it does seem like fun. 
This is the film I got. On the computer screen, it looked very well-defined. In person, not so much, but I have not yet worked with it.

The blue paper above was what the site was showing. The actual work completed is a lot different. I do know that this paper is contingent on the lighting and colors around it. 

Here is my Freebie for this time. It is a simple sun and cloud. There are lots of uses for this one! I did not try to use the adhesive on the back, it did not feel sticky enough, & I am not even sure if the back is meant to be adhesive or not. I need to play with it more.
You can use most of your applique designs with this paper, it really is versatile. If I were to put this on a t-shirt, I would cut the design about 1" from the stitches. 

Have you tried the "Minky Fabric I wrote in a recent blog? I would love to hear about it!
The blog that followed "Minky" is the "Canvas" information. I am still putting my personal Art Gallery together. 

Thanks for stopping by, Happy New Year, and my very best wishes to you and yours. Pat

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