The Avid Embroiderer Presents - A Relaxed Hobo and a St. Puptrick's Day Design

Last week I got an ad from one of my favorite stores saying they had "Relaxed Hobos" on sale. My first thought was that I did not know any hobos, especially ones that needed to relax. After all, how would they relax? Where would they relax? When would they relax? I am so confused!!

Then my doctor reminded me that walking was a great way to relax and hinted I need to relax and lose a couple of pounds as well. What better way that to have some great walking shoes to make it an inviting exercise. So, I found these - (don't you just love Gucci?)

and a less expensive shoe -

I also love a bargain. . .

However, I need to find something just a little more in my price range. What was in the back of my closet was my price point. They are a little 'used' but I thought I would try to create a design to match the more expensive shoe and have fun doing it.

I started with a star design and wanted to have the stars in different sizes. I can see that the Gucci shoe was embroidered before it was sewn into the shoe configuration. So, I am going to put together some stars and stripes for my shoes.

I used denim fabric, trim them and place on my shoes. I will use glue to complete the process. You know the drill.

Straight from AnnTheGran's Freebies, this star is one perfect 1" (25mm) dimension.

You may recall that it is always recommended that you never adjust a design more than 20%. If you want to change the size, by my guest, but I am just doing the star as it is.

Attached is a band for the side stripe similar to the shoe above. That too can be adjusted in your software, make it to the size of your shoe area. I will be gluing it to the shoe. My chosen colors make a white shoe the best choice rather than denim. After I saw how well it turned out, I am going out to find some real running shoes and place my embroidery on them. Easy peasy.

Here is my completed 'shoe.' After trial and errors, I would use something behind the stitching that is less noticeable. If placing on denim, using denim is just fine. However, these particular colors didn't show well on denim. Otherwise, I am pleased with the outcome and will be getting shoes and selecting colors for my walks. I am so running out of excuses for not walking.


The twinkle is not terribly obvious in the photo, but in person, it is terrific. I am using the Madeira Pack that is a great value -
 •  Durable enough for home decor, yet soft enough to add sparkle 
3 boxes - 8 spools each (24 spools, several gold/silver variations)
 •  Classic metallic box - gives rich & elegant sheen to work 
Soft metallic box - gives designs a special finish 
Metal metallic box - gives sewing a shiny finish

Everyone who is reading this blog is getting a "3 fer" this time. The final design is for the upcoming holiday. I like to call it "St. Puptrick's Day." 

Star: (9.2KB)

St. Puptrick: (344.7KB)

Note: I used two layers of heavy cut-away and placed a baste stitch around it. It is a dense design, but I just love it.

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