Features that we love!

When I initially got my first machine, there was so much to know and understand that I remember feeling totally excited and entirely over whelmed. I actually got my first machine on EBay - my first mistake for sure.  But it looked like fun and I had several grand daughters, so I was on my way.

After started to feel comfortable (and I use that term loosely), I decided to reread that manual that came with my machine.  I cannot tell you just how the manual intimidated me in the beginning with all those terms and words that are not in any dictionary.  They might be a little more familiar but they still were just a little out of my realm.

I did find that my favorite (eventually) feature was the 'frame' - sometimes known as a 'border' and even called 'baste.'  In any case, it does the same function.  The first function is to create a frame for a monogram.  Here are some of the options, of course your machine will vary:


1.       The frame is usually shown as a simple circle or square.  It has many variations so you will never get bored!


2.       The options in the frames are generally the circle, square, heart, perhaps a shield and depending on your machine's designer, other interesting designs such as a diamond shape.  Those can be elongated or changed to fit the item you will place inside.  You are NOT limited to a monogram, you can put a flower or maybe a small race car making it terrific for a towel for a little boy.  (Males are notorious for embroidery issues, so this one is a great idea for a single male as well.  Well, maybe or maybe not a race car. . . . )

3.       Next, we can change the width of the design and/or the density.  The programmer has created a design but you can make it more your own with small changes.  I did make my design at 4.6mm.  Incidentally, I have gotten used to using the Metric system for a number of reasons, the most of which is that it is easier to divide a selection by 10 than the fractions in the English systems.  As an added bonus, an inch is 25.4mm, so changes to the inch is a cinch.  If I am trying to adjust something 5mm, it is easier than adjusting 1/5". 

4.       So, here is the border/outline/frame.  OK, I am an ASU fan, it is maroon and gold.  I always love to have my color pop off the fabric.  If I were doing a towel to give to a young man going off to college, the towel may be Navy Blue with white and gold for the frame.


5.       Here is the fun part.  Use a design that is of interest to your recipient (don't forget doing things for yourself too!).  I selected a sailboat because it is easy and not fussy.  Of course, the initial border is centered, the sailboat is also centered automatically.  Sometimes when you combine two designs, there can be challenges, but not with this one.

6.       Even if your college bound friend is already there, what would be more fun than sending a surprise towel set.  No one else will have one like it, I promise!


I have to say, when I saw the Hoop Dock on the Home Page, I was excited.  I have been needing something like this for a long time.  AND, if you think the price is too high, think of the number of times you struggleds with hooping - check the video!  Additionally, Neoprene is a petroleum product and that price is excellent!



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