Patchwork Applique

I'm really liking patchwork applique, which seems to be trending on several quilting sites. These images were borrowed from

Try this design and lay lace or eyelet along the placement stitching. Run the tackdown stitch to secure the lace, cover with the patchwork fabric and run the tack down again. Trim and finish!

Although they are shown in projects for hand applique, the same thing could be done with basic machine applique shapes after creating the patchwork for the applique.

What adds even more interest is that these patchwork blocks are appliqued on point with their corners at a diagonal rather than straight on, boring squares.

Try this design. Use smaller blocks for the leaves!

Patchwork is really easy to accomplish when using jelly rolls, 2.5" wide strips of fabric cut the width of the yardage. This is a fantastic use for scraps too. Just cut scraps in whatever width you desire.

Try this design.

Use the blocks for the red area and some other green for the rind. A cute cutwork heart in the middle is a bonus-either use it or skip it!

Sew several strips together, lengthwise, then alternate the order and sew another set of strips.

Try this design.

Use a rotary cutter and ruler to cut a row of blocks whatever width you like.

Try this design. Make patchwork for the middle too.