Crafty Cupcake Coasters

My Pictures0023.jpgMake an assortment of cupcake coasters to bring a smile to your guests.  You can select fabric to reflect your favorite flavors or your party theme. 


Dakota Collectibles Crafty Cupcake design pack #970443 or purchase the single designs.  I have used these 4X4” designs:

#FD0404 (the easiest one), #FD0405, #FD0406, FD0407 (2nd on easy scale)

For each cupcake, you need:

White fibrous wash away stabilizer (I used Vilene but there are many other brands)

2  4” squares washable felt – white or color to match satin stitching on edge of cupcake

3 ½” square of fabric for cake part and a 3½” square for cupcake holder

For the holder, you need:

7X7” replacement window screen (not wire type) This is available at any hardware supply store and at some Wal Marts.

1 yd 7/8” ribbon to decorate holder

My Pictures0008.jpgDirections

Hoop the wash away stabilizer and place 1 piece of the felt on top.  Stitch the first color which will give you the placement for your cupcake holder fabric.

My Pictures0009.jpgPlace the fabric on the top being sure to cover all of the placement stitches.  Stitch color 2. 

Trim away the excess fabric as close to the stitching line as possible.  Trim only the fabric and not the felt or stabilizer.




My Pictures0010.jpgStitch color 3 for the placement lines of the cake part of the design.




My Pictures0011.jpg

Place the fabric for the cake on top and stitch color 4.  Trim around the fabric as close as possible to the stitching line.




My Pictures0012.jpgAfter trimming the cake fabric, trim around the felt as close to the stitching of the cupcake being                 careful not to cut the stabilizer.






My Pictures0013.jpgRemove hoop from machine but do not take stabilizer out of hoop.

Place other piece of felt on back side of stabilizer.  You may tape in place or spray with a small amount of temporary adhesive spray.




Place hoop back on machine and stitch color My Pictures0014.jpg5 watching the stitching.  Stop the machine when it has finished sewing the details in the holder and has made a complete circle around the cupcake. 



My Pictures0015.jpg

At that time, remove the hoop once more and trim around the felt on the back as close to the stitching as possible.  Place hoop back on machine and finish that color which will make a wide satin stitch around the whole design.



You can then stop embroidering, remove the hoop and trim the stabilizer close to the cupcake.  However, if you want to stitch the flowers in this design on the cupcake, continue with the rest of the colors.  Then trim the stabilizer.

To remove the stabilizer on the edge of the cupcake, just dip your finger in warm water and rub the edges until the stabilizer has dissolved.  Allow to dry.

The other designs can be used in a similar way, but you will have to do some trimming at different times in the process as the satin stitches to finish the design are done at different points than this one. 


My Pictures0021.jpg My Pictures0016.jpg

My Pictures0025.jpgHolder Instructions:


Fold the screen in a triangle and place a pin on the corner at 1 3/8” from the tip of the triangle.

Sew a seam beside the pin as it is positioned in the picture.

My Pictures0026.jpg




Continue will all four corners.

Turn inside out so the corners are on the inside.


My Pictures0018.jpg

Sew the ribbon on even with the top of the box, stitching around the top and bottom of the ribbon. 

Make a bow and hand stitch to box.



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