Keeping It Simple – Cheeky Chocolate Halloween 10

Halloween costumes are always fun to make.  We have girls so we have made a lot of princess and fairy outfits over the years.  This past year we had a Maleficent, an American girl (Mary Ellen), a Angelina Ballerina and a Shopkins character.  Since the Shopkins are still popular I thought I would share the face, cookie and hearts that I made for this costume.  The can be downloaded at the very bottom of the blog.

There is really no tutorial for this project.  All I did was buy some of that wide stretchy band stuff and fit it around her and sew it making a tube.  Then I looped strips of tulle through the holes at the bottom to create the skirt and tied ribbon on the top for sleeves.  I tightly hooped two layers of tulle and sewed the designs on those. Then cut them out and glued them onto the outfit.

It was quick and easy but she loved it!  Here she is again with Angelina Ballerina.

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Choc (420KB)

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